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SOUTHBOUND by Ellertsson

Ellertsson, or Hlöðver Ellertsson is Icelandic based singer-songwriter who dropped his first solo EP Southbound. I have listened to this album several times and There is no doubt that Southbound demonstrates the full range of Ellertsson’s voice that can be sweet, then rough and husky, depending on the context of the lyrics of the song.

He was heavily influenced by blues and rock music. Long before the solo project He has been playing in a number of Icelandic bands, for years (Kentár Blues Band). After a while He started his solo project under the name of Ellertsson by releasing the single Þorláksmessa, in December 2019, followed by Poor Boy and Loki Bundinn in the summer of 2020. And on 22th of July 2022, he released the debut EP Southbound. This is a debut that sells Ellertsson as an artist and it is definitely worth it.

I Know I Love You From the moment «I Know I Love You» opens, it’s clear that this album has a definite live record feel. According to Ellertsson he wrote it originally as a blues song but after some time of consideration, he decided to play it in a more pop-like way using the traditional setup.

The Devil Keeps the blues vibe up, but brings an acoustic guitar into the mix and a diatonic harmonica in the end. Ellertsson becomes more honest and sets the tone to the bold vocals.

Come on Back Home One of my favourite tracks and I think one the best on the album. «Come on Back Home» drenched in smoke, whisky and gasoline. A real jewel of the album.

Dozen Red Roses That song has a significantly different energy than the previous one. Stripped of the heavy reverb on the guitars, leaving more space for instruments and drums.

Leaving Ellertsson still keeping the integrity that listeners expect from these much old blues classics. «Leaving» runs for over two minutes before a full keyboard solo kicks in, and it's really impressive.

Southbound The final track, «Southbound», sounds like the combination of driving bluesy guitar, diatonic harmonica, and groovy Ellertsson's voice.

This album has a definite live feel, reflects the skills of accomplished musicians and under Ellertsson's guidance, creates the sound that you want to hear again. Connect with Ellertsson via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook







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