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Strawberry Launch's New Single 'VIDEOS' - A Psychedelic Masterpiece or Something More?

I'll tell you, friends, with this song, you will feel all the dark magic of rock music. It's not often that you can hear how the sounds penetrate the depths of the soul, like sharp needles in your heart. In their latest single "Videos," the pop-rock band Strawberry Launch has created a truly powerful sound, as if they've pulled emotions right out of live and bleeding broken hearts!

The blending of deep low sounds with gloomy minor harmonies is like pouring pain, betrayal, and genuine emotions into a single note. Imagine the moment of futile hope, the beginning of this song, when the dreamy guitar carries you on the wings of its light slumber. You start to believe that the story will be bright and happy. But then it slowly leads you into darkness and fog, as if you've lost yourself in the deepest nightmares. Riiza's voice penetrates your innermost corners, as if he's exploring your own feelings and experiences. The guitars screech and wail, as if emitting the pain and regret of the hero of this story.

And then, just when it seems like you can no longer bear this darkness, lead guitarist Matrianna Gahol takes center stage with an intense solo. This is Strawberry Launch at the peak of their artistry, and they make you feel every note to the very depths of your soul. I was struck by Riiza's scream, which seemed to pierce through my body, sending shivers and pulling me out of the hypnotic dream that began with the first notes of the track. "Videos" by Strawberry Launch explores the theme of betrayal through pop-rock music, leaving an unforgettable impression. Highly recommended!

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