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StreamBox Wishes Granted: Spotlight on Woodes, FELIN, and Paris Paloma

You've expressed your wishes, and we've taken them into careful consideration! We're pleased that our new section has been in demand. We've received several letters requesting more articles on streambox, and of course, we can't ignore such requests. Today, we present to you a review of three talented artists: Woodes, FELIN, and Paris Paloma.

Woodes "Hibernation"

Let's start with the Australian singer and songwriter Woodes, who is presenting her new EP, "Hibernation." In this work, she unveils her creative depth and passion for music. In this four-track EP, she gives the music a cinematic quality, conveying emotions, nostalgia, longing, and hope. Her dynamic anthems shape an alternative pop sound landscape, and it's truly impressive. The lead track on Spotify has already gathered almost 4,000 streams and continues to gain momentum. This is a great result, but Woodes already has hits under her belt, such as "The Thaw" and "Rise."

FELIN "Worst Regret"

"FELIN" is presenting her third single, "Worst Regret," from her upcoming album. This track sounds very powerful and is perfect for broadcast on any radio station. This approach is working really well as the song has already amassed an impressive number of listens - 14,550, making it one of FELIN's most successful compositions. The artist herself explains that she wrote the verses of this song when she was young and heartbroken over a guy in Los Angeles 12 years ago. Although the original version of the song never saw the light of day, she always liked the lyrics, and now they have found new life in "Worst Regret."

Paris Paloma "drywall"

Now, let's turn our attention to the incredible success of Paris Paloma and her single "drywall." This semi-acoustic track with Paris's enchanting vocals has gathered an astonishing 270,378 listens on Spotify - truly a remarkable achievement! "drywall" is a tender but honest song about the challenges of relationships that many of us face. From the acoustic guitar with pop accents to the anthemic chorus with synthesizers and brass instruments, this composition truly captivates and conveys the emotional depth of the lyrics, which say, "he's got nothing." Paris Paloma unquestionably deserves recognition for this outstanding track.


Stay connected with the latest music trends and ensure you don't overlook the opportunity to relish these musical treasures. The realm of music continually offers room for thrilling revelations, and these three artists affirm that the horizon of music appears vibrant and full of promise, ensuring a plethora of uplifting experiences for us, the audience. Let's enthusiastically immerse ourselves in fresh melodies and creative inspiration!

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