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SUN by Gloria Taylor⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

By cleverly re-potting traditional country and acoustic folk songs, Gloria Taylor has created 'Sun,' a clear, eclectic EP about love, life and her tender soul. This is sophisticated music with some interesting personal lyrical content.

Gloria does not only sings acoustic songs, but actively composes, hears, and collects them. On 'Sun's cover she sits barefoot, surrounded by flora and fauna, under the tall tree of life in a pastoral landscape. By carefully pruning, nurturing and re-potting songs, Gloria has cultivated a green, vital EP. So if you miss that very real sunny folk, saturated with characteristic dreamy vocals, light guitar parts and serenity, EP 'Sun' is for you. The tracks on EP masterfully convey various emotional states of Gloria.

The opening track '100 Different Ways' slowly dives into the special spaces of minimalist folk compositions from the first seconds. Light guitar arrangements with Gloria's soft and unhurried voice create a truly homely atmosphere. With all the passion and beauty, it is a soul-stirring experience that leaves the listener full of energy and optimism.

The second track 'Luna' is emotionally charged, deep and has a whole range of vocal incarnations of Gloria Taylor. The acoustic guitar chords pick up Gloria's vocals and help her tell a story. The beauty of this EP is its simplicity. It like an unplugged session with all its acoustic folk experimentation, and 'Luna' is the song that reveal sinking truths.

The track 'Sun' is something special. Gloria adds classical piano and brings it to the forefront. She plays with the mood of the album and creates a space filled with (slight sadness) and magic. 'Sweetness Cries' can get great aesthetic pleasure, imbued with a special indi-folk vocal and minimalist arrangement. In the final track 'You Know' every note is perfectly tuned. The sound is full of pleasant acoustic surprises and ethereal dreamlike. The whole album straddles the two perfectly.

What I like most about this EP is that the highlight lies in the thoughtful presentation of the material, there is no mixing of genres. Gloria concentrates on one direction and brings it to full fruition, and that's it. The genius is how cleverly Taylor hides therapy sessions behind simple, soothing country-folk music.

'Sun' reveals its potential right after the first few minutes and does not let it go until the last track. Caught for a moment in the world of tenderness, sun, moon and nature, you do not want to leave from there. This is exactly the kind of healing that Gloria Taylor offers the listener, eclectic, calm and peaceful.

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