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Tales of Guitars and Shadows: Simon Talbot Revives 'The Watch' in 'Ankh - Morpork'

Simon Talbot, the frontman of the HALO band, is an artist whose perception of the world is shaped by the art of music. He is a creator who considers music as indispensable as air. Talbot possesses the gift of translating his emotions and experiences into harmonies, composing new masterpieces that elevate our sometimes monotonous existence. His 24th album, 'Ankh - Morpork,' was inspired by the story of the fantasy series 'The Watch,' portraying an entirely different world where various races coexist, from werewolves and vampires to influential rulers of the realm. Infused with a renewed sense of creative vigor, Talbot has intricately woven his own storyline into the fabric of 'The Watch,' crafting a musical narrative that echoes the enchanting essence of this fantastical world. From the classical rhythms and elegant guitars of the opening track, 'Welcome to,' to the powerful and heavy riffs of the track 'Our Lady,' the story unfolds with incredible force, creating a sense of an emerging dystopian tale.

With the boldness of powerful guitar riffs that encapsulate the musician's style and sound, there's a desire to explore the world of 'Ankh - Morpork.' To complement the narrative of this world, a full immersion into the universe occurs with the track 'Wolf.' This psychedelic piece seemingly reflects the character and acceptance of the werewolf's fate, living without seeing the day, within the endless darkness of night. Simon Talbot, through harmonies, unconventional rock structures, and alluring guitar riffs, creates his own soundtrack to 'The Watch' series.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the musician's heaviest and fastest punk rock albums. Creating a world bound by conventions and inevitabilities, Simon Talbot inevitably crafts a dark and gloomy album. As if there's no glimpse of a happy future, the promise of tough times resonates in tracks like 'Heart of Stone' and 'Lord.' These tracks elevate Simon Talbot's sound to a new level with their driving rhythms, memorable riffs, and perfect rock hooks, complementing the album's black cover adorned with a badge that strongly resembles a sheriff's badge, hinting at order and law within this narrative. Simon Talbot once again presents a puzzle, captivating the listener with his dedication to complex and dystopian tales. The album culminates with the tracks 'Black Magic' and 'Death,' almost like a blockbuster ending with the final scene of a battle. These tracks, as a cohesive unit, unveil Simon Talbot's guitars in their darkest fantasy hues.

The world of 'Ankh - Morpork,' inspired by the series, presents itself as a new universe that could exist within the show, and each track on the album could serve as a soundtrack. Cinematic, stylish, grungy, and uniquely resonant, the entire story of 'Ankh - Morpork' from start to finish has a rock 'n' roll vibe. Replicating such a concept is challenging and practically impossible, as each track holds hints to the story. Who are the characters in this world? What are their personalities, and what hidden stories do they harbor? The musician raises numerous questions with the album 'Ankh - Morpork,' which could easily become a full-fledged fantasy novel.


In a world saturated with emotions and artistry, music and cinema play the greatest roles. They are magical keys that unlock doors to the depths of the human soul, embodying an infinite variety of feelings and thoughts. By combining music and cinema, Talbot creates a world where words aren’t always necessary to understand and feel. They build bridges between cultures, times, and people. Ultimately, it is music and cinema that grant us the opportunity to live thousands of lives, experience moments of joy, sorrow, love, and grief, opening new perspectives and helping us understand ourselves and the surrounding world more profoundly. The album is set to be released on December 1st. Don't miss the chance to appreciate Simon Talbot's new work. Perhaps you might be the one to unravel all the mysteries and shed light on this world? Or is this the theme for the musician's future releases? Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for the second season of the 'Ankh-Morpork' album, which concluded on an extremely intriguing note.


is out on DECEMBER 1st

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