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TAXIWAY'S New Album Promises To Be A Real Revelation! Exclusive Review of 'This is Permanent'

The music industry constantly generates new sounds, but seldom does one encounter a project born simply from the inspiration of the universe. Taxiway, a protege of vocalist Mike Aurand, began its journey in the spring of 2021. Mike saw this project as an outlet for lo-fi and bedroom-pop ideas. The result surpassed expectations: the group acquired a unique, fresh approach to musical creation, aiming to convey not only the sound but also the emotions hidden in each note. Today, Taxiway has transformed into a collective, including not only Mike Aurand as the vocalist but also his talented wife, Emily Guthrie, on drums. A wonderful addition to the group is the musical duo of husband and wife, Joseph and Emily Jared, taking on the roles of guitar and bass guitar, respectively.

In 2021, Taxiway made their debut with the album "Adsance," where the soft and airy sound of light indie pop intertwined with acoustic motifs and dream-pop textures. The bold and vibrant beginning inspired the musicians, and they continued to work on their sound, gaining a fan base of listeners. The year 2023 proved to be fruitful and significant for the group. Taxiway released two singles, "Sans Serif" and "When the Polaroid Fades," in support of their second full-length album, "This is Permanent," scheduled for release on December 1st. These two tracks intrigue and convey the uniqueness of the group's sound.

The light indie rock, with dreamy textures and tender vocals in the first single "Sans Serif," caresses the ears of all the group's fans. Meanwhile, the second single, "When the Polaroid Fades," captivates with its fast rhythm and melodious development, hinting at the mood of their upcoming album, "This is Permanent." I can't help but notice the melancholy of the video released in support of this single. The life cycle from bloom to death within the frame of a Polaroid photograph squeezes my heart. Such a subtle metaphor for the life of photographs is something I haven't encountered before. It is very cinematic, aesthetic, and sets a real wave for the upcoming release.

What else can we expect from the new album? I can confidently say that the upcoming record is bound to be a discovery for the approaching winter, as it blends new styles for the group, such as lo-fi, synth, light dream, and indie rock, which will warm you on a chilly evening. Taxiway's sound has reached a completely different level compared to their initial releases. The vibrant arrangements, with the softest guitars and airy vocals, enchant and disconnect you from reality in the first track, "Valencia," while the lo-fi synth sound of the track "A Deeper Shade of Blue" complements the group's sound and unfolds it in 360 degrees. There's a track called "Passport Photo" that intrigues with its voluminous and vibrant rhythm, textured backing vocals, and a light soul jazz touch.

"Stay Wild" conveys the beauty and richness of the sound of live instruments, capturing the atmospheric essence of a live performance that we love so much when listening to our favorite bands on stage. This track creates for me the atmosphere of a romantic evening that you want to prolong and never let go of in memories. In the album, the central theme of love and warm embraces that rescue from melancholy in the yellow light of lamps and candles is conveyed not only through the conceptual cover but also through every sound of the album.

I believe that the love of the musicians has been transmitted into their music, and their hearts are filled with the brightest feelings that they are ready to share with the world through the stunning music that fills their upcoming album. The light indie rock with a touch of Americana in the track "Vibekiller" complements the atmosphere, ensuring that you never stop listening to the album "This is Permanent." The final track, "Caffeine Jitters," literally brought tears to my eyes, leaving a sense of gentle melancholy and a sweet aftertaste after listening to each song.


"This is Permanent" is a new step in Taxiway's sound. It's warm, tender, disconnecting from the world, and evoking a desire to savor your best moments. The album will be released on December 1st, under the label Watch It Burn Records, on all streaming platforms. Mark this day not to miss out, and you'll be able to enjoy that light indie sound that will make your day unique.


is out on DECEMBER 1st

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