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The allure of "and I Know How to Fly": Joshua Hurst's best song yet

Joshua Hurst is a sensual, talented singer and composer. His music resonates with the rhythms of hearts and has the power to captivate anyone who loves pop music. The new single "and I know how to fly" exudes a bolder, more cinematic sound that stays faithful to Hurst's corporate identity.

With his new single, "and I know how to fly," Joshua adds even more emotions and exciting stories to his unique sound. He not only showcases his talent as a musician but also reveals his skill as a conceptual creator within his work. Each song title is interconnected, possibly continuing a love story, and contributes to the creation of a distinctive concept for his releases. In "and I know how to fly," the soft and sexy beat sways on waves of pure drive, complemented by the lightness of Joshua's voice. This track embodies the best pop traditions while also capturing the unique atmosphere of the artist.

With just rhythm pads, synth keys, and vocals, he manages to evoke tears, elation, and an inexhaustible surge of emotions. Honestly, in my humble opinion, "and I know how to fly" stands as the pinnacle of Hurst's repertoire at present. Its winning combination of a captivating chorus, infectious beat, and mesmerizing vocals coalesce into a high-quality composition. In fact, I can easily envision this song perfectly concluding a series such as "Euphoria" because "and I know how to fly," boasts a truly trendy sound. I am confident that this remarkable single will seamlessly find its place in every pop playlist. It's an exceptional piece! Must listen.

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