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The Art of Self-Expression: How EP 'Just For Me' Became the Voice of Just Leila's Inner World!

Have you ever thought about what can be seen in music when looking at it from the artist's perspective rather than the listener's? Certainly, each listener perceives the same song differently. For some, melancholic tracks might uplift their mood, while for others, they might dive into melancholy. But what about the artist? This is the message conveyed by singer, songwriter, and producer Just Leila with her first EP, "Just For Me."


There's no room here for unnecessary compromises or superficial emotions. "Just For Me" is a heartfelt invitation into a musical world where each note sounds like a personal revelation. This EP acts as a healing source for Just Leila herself. The pursuit of self-expression and a sincere desire to share her inner world transform each track into a unique experience. Undoubtedly, "Just For Me" can be called a kind of healing, filled with emotional purity and the impeccable craftsmanship of Just Leila.

Her work is characterized by a conceptual message in which she unfolds and creates new art for herself. In the EP "Just For Me," there are 7 songs, and in each song, the linguistic and cultural heritage of Arabic Moroccan, French, and English music merge into a cohesive picture. This complex and extraordinary palette of cultures, languages, rhythms, and sounds truly gives birth to a unique sound. According to Just Leila, the EP "Just For Me" became a place of complete self-expression and a "blank canvas" on which she created her world based on her own life experiences. The entire album is exclusively created by Just Leila, allowing her to produce the music that resonates in her heart, mind, and soul.

In the very first track, "bits of pieces," there's a blend of light electronics, pop R&B sounds, and cultural motifs, creating an entirely new experience. It feels like Just Leila is inviting listeners to touch upon her most intimate feelings in the track "bébé?". Then, in "don't be alarmed," the subtle experimentation at the start, reminiscent of immersion into mantra practices, transports you to a world where there's no room for alarm, instead, Leila's voice with perfect choirs and harmonies captivate and surprise. Such unique and unusual music you haven't heard before. "Just For Me" EP sounds uniquely because it encapsulates Just Leila's exclusive and distinctive experience. Its sound is unparalleled because this EP contains her essence and her world.


It's like encountering a new planet, one previously undiscovered, when delving into this release. That's precisely the sensation trapped within the new sound of the track "more than dna." Its unconventional blend with ethnic, subtle motifs makes this track outstanding for me. Then, in tracks like "ché pas" and "desert song," the album takes a complete turn. In "ché pas," the French language sounds like a mantra, reminding one of an infinite world of sound and music. Close your eyes, and you'll feel the hidden power of this track, penetrating your consciousness and halting thoughts. It brings you back to reality and awakens you from a dream. Exceptional. "desert song" seems to expand the EP's world, offering a sense of familiarity in its light pop vocals, yet the complex rhythm changes and unusual harmonies create a feeling of light artistry and experimentation. The track's sound is so airy, elusive, and light. It envelops and embraces, lingering in your mind for a long time.

What's unusual is that the concept of the album is fully reflected in the final track, "just for me." The monologue by Just Leila, akin to an address to the world, showcases the importance of one's personal space and the necessity of following one's heart, even if it means seeking solitude. The EP 'Just For Me' serves as a conduit, Just Leila's personal diary, and a reminder of the importance of one's own feelings, joy, and health. Such a message inherently heals those around, and Just Leila has demonstrated a vivid example of how music can sound uniquely when it flows from memories, experiences, and the heart. Just Leila's flawless execution encompasses all emotions and sets the stage for complete immersion into her world.


"Just For Me" by Just Leila undoubtedly deserves to be hailed as one of the most art-house albums of the current year. It's uncompromising, experimental, and far from conventional standards. If you're ready to immerse yourself in a new musical experience that promises something more than the usual, this album is your guide to the new, modern music of the 21st century.

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