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The Grunions' upcoming album, "Shadow Breaker," promises to be a true sensation!

The Grunions, a group of innovative and experimental musicians, are preparing to release their highly anticipated second instrumental album, 'Shadow Breaker,' on August 30th. I was fortunate enough to have an exclusive preview of the album before its official launch, and let me tell you, my friends, it will undoubtedly leave you astounded—a whirlwind of jazz, funk, rock, psychedelics and orchestral arrangements. The album consists of nine mind-blowing compositions that weave together to form a captivating story, taking you on an exhilarating adventure with The Grunions. Before delving into the mesmerizing musical world of The Grunions, allow me to introduce you to the talented individuals behind this remarkable band—: Andrew Joncas on guitar, Christian Ingelevics on drums and percussion, Jeremy Lear on bass, and Steph Sens on bariton sax.

photo/Chris Henschel

In essence, "Shadow Breaker," can already be hailed as a timeless masterpiece of the genre. This album transcends being a mere collection of jazz-funk songs, instead embodying the very essence of jazz itself— pulsating with new life. The album commences with the track "Pink Manta," an explosive symphony that hints at a clandestine history and enthralling mafia undertones. Gentlemen, adjust your hats and fade into the shadows, for the ominous bass guitars and haunting saxophone beckon danger with every note, while the electrifying rock guitar solo reverberates through your headphones, delivering an intense jolt to your senses.

Once you immerse yourself in the atmosphere, the air becomes charged with mystique, and the night unfolds with the captivating track "Aphelion." It transcends being a mere composition. It is a true soundtrack, evoking scenes from blockbusters, or thrillers. The aesthetic beauty of this track is truly remarkable. With each note and the harmonious interplay of wind instruments, one is tempted to surrender completely to the music and enter a state of deep meditation. It is an embodiment of pure artistry. However, the tranquility and serenity are fleeting, for the subsequent track, "Magnet Head," introduces vibrant funk motifs that compel you to dance. It is a dazzling, groovy composition that exudes an irresistible energy. The skillful interplay between guitars, bass guitar, and saxophone is a delight to behold.

photo/Chris Henschel

"Keep It Sh'Breezee" is a sublime blend of dynamic percussion, slow drum beats, enchanting saxophone melodies, and intricate guitar accompaniment. In "FOOTPLATEMAN," each musician manifests their prowess with unwavering strength. The saxophone gracefully serenades the ear with its captivating, resonant tones, while the guitars and drums maintain a pulsating rhythm. However, I assure you, as you venture further into the track, you will encounter a bold shift in rhythm, unveiling an entirely new sonic experience.

The track, "Shadow Breaker," is an utterly wild and exhilarating composition. The saxophone parts deliver an astonishing performance that will leave you awe-struck, and the guitars will uplift you into a realm of another reality. On the track "Chester's Thing," your ears will be immersed in the playful, echoing sounds of the guitar, as if it were embarking on its most significant solo performance in life. It takes exceptional talent to masterfully weave rhythms and motifs that evoke deep emotions. Each instrument in this track exists within its own universe of sound, yet together, they harmonize to create a melody that lingers in your memory.

"Tango On Titan" presents itself as an enigma, a puzzle that begs to be unraveled. The melody initially twists and contorts, only to sweep you away with its mesmerizing jazz-funk rhythms. As we reach the final track, "Ophiuchus Spector," prepare to be astounded by its uniqueness, wild energy, and captivating introduction. This composition is one of the album's finest, as if the musicians have transcended time itself or crafted their own interpretation of existence through jazz chords. It appears to encapsulate the pain, strength, and personal experiences of each member of the group. This semi-orchestral track holds a special place in my heart, becoming an absolute favorite, and I am confident it possesses all the necessary qualities of a true hit.


"Shadow Breaker" exemplifies perfection in every aspect. The meticulous attention to detail is truly astounding. When the guitars roar, they do so with a delightful intensity. The bass resonates with brilliance, regardless of the volume. Every cymbal and percussion element on this album sounds flawlessly harmonious. It's a truly immersive experience. The album itself is a masterpiece, a testament to the incredible work done by The Grunions. In a world that can often be challenging to navigate, music like this eases our burdens and brings solace. "Shadow Breaker" presents moments of intensity, yet remains effortlessly enjoyable to listen to. The fusion of heavy, jazzy, and at times experimental elements creates a powerful, distinctive genre that stands on its own. How such a remarkable blend is achieved is a question that will be answered soon. The wait until August 30th is not long, and the revelation will undoubtedly be worth it.

"Shadow Breaker" by The Grunions is out on August 30th

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