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Every aficionado of independent art, which is rich in ideas, thoughts and the inner desires of its creator, holds each piece in high regard and strives to learn more about it. Art is multifaceted and has the power to stir up a storm of emotions. In the realm of indie creativity, it's possible for one person to elicit all emotions at once, and sometimes within a single track. I am never tired of writing about Bad Bubble, a concept synth producer and songwriter. The musician reveals his universe and soul through cosmic sounds, capturing the listener's attention and drawing them into his own sensations. To truly appreciate the work of Bad Bubble, one must step back from the world and intuitively perceive his music, allowing oneself to be swept away by the power of his creativity and the associations it conjures in the mind. This creative and musical force is exemplified in the EP "The Mall Chronicles," which features five tracks, each of which is a valuable work of art in its own right.

The album begins with a brief intro on the track 'Red Warp' and quickly immerses the listener in the musician's voice, which sounds as if it's coming from outer space. Although some words may be difficult to discern, the mood, meaning, and purpose of Bad Bubble are conveyed through intricate and non-linear vocal lines that feature minor chords. The second track, 'Store Vivid,' maintains an earthy vibe with piano chords and a smoother, more subdued vocal performance. What I appreciate about this EP is that you can truly feel it, and attentive listeners will always catch the emotion and drama embedded in the voice "from another world." If I were trying to send a message to another planet, I would probably alter my voice as well. As the listener becomes more deeply immersed in a meditative and sacred state, the track 'Sell the Kids' bursts forth with bright flashes of percussion, bells, synthesizers, and danceable beats that triumph over pain.

The nostalgic journey through memories comes to a close with the tracks 'Shock Pick' and 'Digital Zero,' which are the most mystical and ethereal in sound on the EP. In 'Shock Pick,' Bad Bubble employs synthetic sample clouds, hissing drums, and a balanced vocal line that lends the track the quality of a story or a prayer. The final track, 'Digital Zero,' sounds like a cosmic electro ballad. A classical piano and clear violin sound are juxtaposed against the backdrop of synth vocals that break into a wheeze. This powerful combination of the incomprehensible renders 'Digital Zero' the most sensual and heart-rending track on the EP.

'The Mall Chronicles' is a stunning display of emotion that encompasses tears, pain, joy, and delight. Hope and destruction are intertwined, resulting in a powerful and thought-provoking listening experience. Bad Bubble's approach to creating music allows the listener to interpret it in their own way. One can dive deep into the lyrics, searching for meaning and interpreting the world through the lens of the music, or simply allow themselves to be carried away by the hypnotic flow of the soundscape. I highly recommend 'The Mall Chronicles' to anyone who appreciates light synth music with depth and substance. Furthermore, 'The Mall Chronicles' is a testament to the power of independent art. It's a reminder that some of the most compelling and meaningful creative works are not necessarily found in the mainstream, but rather in the underground and alternative scenes. It's a call to support and appreciate independent artists who are creating music that is both innovative and authentic.

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