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Icy, sharp and refined, like the wind of Ireland, Malta Kano will immediately captivate you. From the first seconds, the purest melodies with brilliant sound processing will stream into your ears. This is exactly the case when experiments with sound definitely benefited the band. Malta Kano is a group of 4 members who are not interchangeable. Their sound can be described as rich and dense. It's a real psychedelic rock with synth treasures.

The Malta Kano EP starts with the acoustic track 'The Fallen.' Rocking jazz guitars, an incredible power bass guitar and pumping drums immediately declare themselves as the ones that will take you out of your life for 27 minutes and 54 seconds. Two drum lines and synth elements make for a psychedelic and offbeat sound.

The second track 'What Remains' starts from a distance, as if from the depths of the subconscious. The track is as tart as wine. The singer’s hazy voice to penetrate the mind with folk rock elements. The unusual performance of the vocals stands out for the uniqueness and style of the Irish band. At the end of the piece, incredible drums break loose and tear the soul apart. It seems to me that the group does not and cannot live in the same sound and rhythm.

'Don't Forget Your Beans' gives you a much needed breather. It's been a long time since I have heard such a sweet and sexy sound of an electric guitar dancing so smoothly with a bass guitar. Each instrument in this track has its own character and power. The beats of drum sticks introduce the track 'For Those Who Wait.' A classic rock ballad with Americana elements will definitely take you out of your comfort zone. There's an atmosphere of dirty punk rock here, and this genre is reserved only for brave musicians who are not afraid to show off and experiment.

I like how the band boldly break the rhythm and constantly shock me musically. The final track 'Arise' will take you into outer space and deprive you of oxygen for 8 minutes. An epic work that is a pearl of EP. It takes you into the world of Malta Kano. To be honest, after listening to the entire EP, I had a strong feeling that all the songs were prologue to this 8 minute climax. This is a realy colossal track!

'The Malta Kano' is good for its discreet musical luxury - it beautifully combines the unobtrusive nostalgia of truly mature musicians for those times when life seemed simpler and the grass was greener, with the high technologies of modern recordings, without the unnecessary dominance of the latter. This is a curious, interesting and unusual record. True creative freedom can be felt in every note. If you value quality music, Malta Kano will give you a real pleasure.

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