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H A L O is a London-based music band that hears the world differently than the rest. Their brand new album 'The Messenger' is a vivid expression of a sensual and profound rethinking of reality with lush guitar chords, post-punk vocals, pulsating drum rhythms and smooth synth keys.

With a splash of classic rock and pop-rock to add a bit of melancholy and rudimentary ornamentation, H A L O connects with every listener, whether you are going through a rough patch or have already made it through. The new album has a dark atmosphere. The shakeup of instrumentation makes the heart beat faster while the muscles feel the urge to move to the rhythm. Simon's vocals (lead singer) also have a different feel as he brings a touch of lightness to his performance. There is an interesting contrast between H A L O's music and vocals that pull you in different directions. Through the whole 14 tracks of this album, the band shows what they have to offer.

The first track repeats the title of the album. On the title 'The Messenger', the band do not reveal the secret of the album and they arouse my curiosity. What awaits us on an exciting journey called 'The Messenger'? This action is completely ambiguous, because usually the title track always makes clear what to expect next from the album. The answers to this question are hidden and will become apparent as you listen to the tracks. 'The Messenger' is a very classic track, filled with life and its own inner atmosphere.

The sharp and insistent introduction of the second track 'What You Gonna Do' develops the flair of alternative rock. The band begin to express themselves and experiment. I absolutely fell in love with Christian Merrick's bass guitar on the track 'Heartbeat of the World'. The bass guitar part strives forward, but at the same time patiently holds its position. In these moments, you want to fly towards the music and drown in it. The sound flickering from ear to ear creates an interesting effect of immersion in a new reality. The trance-like feeling and the dizziness give the album a unique touch, I call it "arthouse elements".

Heavy, but at the same time light melody causes a pleasant dissonance in our heart. The band plays with the feelings, throwing not only the musical parts, but also the listener’s attention into a minor key. H A L O manages to play with the deepest emotions while bringing out the rock drive. 'The Futures History' takes us closer to the keyboard part. The musicians bring the keyboards to the forefront and allow us to feel the tenderness in the heavy rock motif. This track is the pearl of the album. It is in incredible harmony with the concept of 'The Messenger', its cover art and prepares the listener for the bursting guitar solos in the next song.

'Home' is a song for stadiums. The track makes you feel all the beauty of alternative rock and inevitably makes you fall in love with the incredible guitar solos. It's worth mentioning that the group feels each other on an invisible level. This deep understanding of the music they play allows them to create and generate a progressive sound.

'Saviour' is a unique aria by Simon Talbot. The structure of the song swings and takes on an extraordinary style. The feeling of falling does not leave not for a second for the entire time of listening. Simon Talbot is not afraid to experiment with his voice, keeping a common idea for all the pieces, but at the same time each track has its own personality.

The album 'The Messenger' sounds like a concert, where each song carries not only the idea, but also sets the mood for the continuation. The transition from light to heavy melody allows rock music lovers to take a break and enjoy the final part of the album.

'The Messenger' by HALO listen here.

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