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The Upcoming EP by John E Vistic, "Humanz are Bastardz," Promises To Be a Genuine Rock Rebellion!

John E Vistic, the London-based multi-instrumentalist and a true inspiration of the rock revolution, is ready to once again explode our musical world with his fresh work. His new EP, "Humanz are Bastardz," promises to be a genuine sonic fire and is scheduled for release on November 10th.


This musician is a real source of musical energy, and his creativity embodies the spirit of the rock movement in all its glory. He is not afraid to take on the role of carrying the legacy of giants like The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Stooges, and Bauhaus while blending this heritage with contemporary sounds, such as artists like Idles, Metz, and Fontaines DC. "Humanz are Bastardz" promises us gritty, wild music that will shatter our expectations and make us fall in love with rock all over again. Get ready for a musical journey that will show us that rock has always been and will always be our faithful companion. John E Vistic is the voice of a generation, and his music is a true embodiment of the rock soul.

In his new EP, "Humanz are Bastardz," John E Vistic fearlessly changes the rules of the game in the music industry. He presents to us a raw and furious challenge to the standards and expectations that exist in this world. This album is a genuine work of art inspired by the works of great writers such as Jared Diamond, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Karl Ove Knausgård, and Ian Dury. Following his 2021 album, "Under the Volcano," and recent sensational singles "Das Ubermensch" and "Spiderz," John E Vistic continues to break all barriers. His music penetrates the airwaves of radio stations, including BBC and Kerrang, and it's no wonder. His sound pierces the soul and makes us see the world in a new light.

The EP "Humanz are Bastardz" is a musical dive into one's own emotions, delving into the dark corners of human psychology and the tormented soul. The song "Crime & Punishment" is purely indie-rock, with a heavy, indie-dirty sound, approaching grunge. Meanwhile, the experiment in the track "Gunz Germz & Steal!" delivers a sonic adrenaline rush and powerful vocals to the listeners.


"Humanz are Bastardz" carries tension and adrenaline. In the track "To Every Purpose Under Heaven," the artist immerses us in a somber melancholy, transporting us to a world of shades and unrelenting turmoil. The song lyrics grab and immerse us in the exploration of one's own thoughts, sorrows, and situations through fiery punk rock. The entire album is enveloped in a heavy sound and permeated with a black-and-white atmosphere, where each track creates an uninterrupted immersion into the psychology, mysteries, and depths of the soul, leading to a reevaluation of oneself. John E Vistic creates a dystopia in black and white tones, so precisely reflecting our reality.

Rock music has always been straightforward and has never spoken to the listener between the lines. It's this straightforwardness that distinguishes the genre, and John E Vistic places full trust in the eloquence and honesty of the rock sound. The artist's music is no less honest. In every word, note, and sound, it's as if a reflection of the world in which we live. Sometimes it's dark, harsh, and absolutely hypnotic, with a subtle punk undertone, as in the track "Humanz are Bastardz." I must admit, I love this track for its vibrant sound. It's as if the heart of the entire EP beats in this very track.


"Humanz are Bastardz" is living energy flowing through every note, like the pulsating life at the very heart of the music. The upcoming EP is a deep and poignant work of art in which the music and lyrics leave an indelible mark on the soul of anyone who boldly enters the world of John E Vistic. "Humanz are Bastardz" is a dive into indie-rock, alternative, and punk sound that unveils its full power and emotional depth to us. "Humanz are Bastardz" is a sincere challenge to the standards and, at the same time, an anthem for those who crave art with a true soul. November 10th is just around the corner.


is set to release on November 10th

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