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The Voice That Stirred the World: Why is Sofia Rubina's New album 'I Am Soul' So Irresistible?

In the quiet streets of Tartu, within a family of scholars where philosophical thoughts lingered in the air as naturally as musical notes, Sofia Rubina discovered her calling. From an early age, singing the notes of art, she captivated her voice and embraced the grandeur of jazz. The great Ella Fitzgerald, Esperanza Spalding, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Diana Reeves—these immortal stars of the musical universe became her wellsprings of inspiration. Studying at the renowned Academy of Culture in Viljandi and later honing her skills at the global jazz institute Berklee in Boston under the guidance of Danilo Perez, marked a period of great discoveries and creative growth. There, within the embrace of the musical world, Sofia Rubina flourished in the beautiful harmony of vocals and a passion for jazz improvisation.

Each album presented by this virtuosic artist was like a journey through waves of emotions and thoughts, where the sound of jazz intertwined with astonishing experiments. Her music resonated as an echo of depth and originality, embedding complex, innovative sound textures into the atmosphere of soul and jazz. And today, a new chapter unfolds in Sofia Rubina's life. Her sixth album, titled "I Am Soul," becomes a pivotal moment in the world of music. Its sounds evoke fervor and admiration, enveloping the hearts of Sofia's fans and jazz enthusiasts worldwide. This magnetism, embodied in every note, not only reflects the performer's virtuosity but also unveils new horizons for soul and jazz through innovative musical solutions.

It's not an exaggeration to say that "I Am Soul" is changing the rules of the game in the music industry, almost rewriting them entirely. In every track, incredible soul and jazz motifs resound, beautifully showcased in the opening track "Home," while in "Morning Etude," Sofia Rubina complements smooth and sensual jazz with hints of electronic music. The stunning blend of soulful jazz with experimental influences creates a unique sound that has captured my heart, and I'm confident the singer's music will undoubtedly appeal to all jazz aficionados. The incredible energy in tracks like "Surgery" and "Great Life" engulfs and captivates, leaving no room for the real world.

The perfect rhythm and Sofia's powerful voice create a new reality, an expansive universe of the singer's jazz. The track "I Can't Make You Love Me" is filled with gentle and stirring jazz motifs. Sofia Rubina's performance feels like a dive into the depths of a dream, crafting a unique atmosphere of emotions and memories. It's as if embarking on an entire journey, the track "Come To Your Senses" merges contemporary pop elements with the singer's unique sound and intricate vocal harmonies. As the album nears its conclusion, the singer's voice takes on demanding, powerful shades, transforming the sound. "Stay True" tells a sensual story that delves into the deepest emotions, while the final track, "Open Your Eyes You Can Fly," sounds passionate and stirring, as if Sofia Rubina is sharing a sensitive story or her most intimate secret.

It's a perfect conclusion, leaving a pleasant aftertaste and prompting a desire to listen to the album again. "I Am Soul" is an album that could easily become part of your romantic evening, your day, and your life. The ease of jazz melodies and the enchanting voice of the singer captivate attention, disconnecting you from the world and completely transforming it. Kindness, purity, and a radiant light emanate from the music in every sound. The album cover's choice of colors reflects its lightness and tenderness.

After listening, there's a sense of lightness in the soul, absolute inspiration, and tranquility. Sofia effortlessly transports you with her refined vocals and melodies to an intimate café with subdued lighting, where she performs her best songs just for you. It's incredibly intimate, magical, and unique. Every note, every word, every pause—everything is meticulously honed and thought out.


"I Am Soul" envelops you in its magic, like delicate silk softly wrapping around everything. It's a beautiful album, and you have the exceptional opportunity to feel every note and emotion conveyed through her creative portrait. I recommend everyone to take a pause, take a deep breath, play "I Am Soul," and spend a magical evening, relaxing and enjoying Sofia Rubina's music. It has the power to make your evening unforgettable. Trust me on this.

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