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The Wildwood Family's Latest Album 'RANDOM NUMBER': Your Next Folk-Pop Addiction!

The sophomore release from Montreal's The Wildwood Family, "Random Number," is a noteworthy entry into the country-folk scene that deftly combines tradition with modern sensibilities. The ensemble comprises a quintet of remarkably talented musicians. Leading the charge are the vocalists and multi-instrumentalists, Alexandra Ghezzi, Élise Cormier, and Sarah Morasse, whose voices and versatile skills grace the compositions. The rhythm section is held steady by Nathalie Sidaros, whose upright bass provides a deep and resonant foundation, and Georges Plourde, a virtuoso guitarist wielding banjo and slide guitar, adding layers of texture. Together, this collective weaves a rich musical fabric that is both evocative and enchanting. Their brand new album "Random Number" is made of catchy melodies, traveling from festive to melancholic atmospheres. Here the country-folk signature of the band shines through, with a small addition of modern sounds. Lyrically, the album delves into themes as timeless as the genre itself, exploring the complexities of impossible love, the weight of grief, and the unwavering hope for better days. In an ever-evolving world, these themes remain as relevant as ever, creating a compelling backdrop for the album's narrative.

The Wildwood Family has always been a group of individuals who dream of returning to their roots, to the music that has been lost in time. Names like The Carter Family and Dolly Parton became their guiding stars. They knew that the path back to that ineffable atmosphere, to that musical enchantment, begins with a deep gaze into the past. Gathering vocalists, a bassist, and a guitarist, The Wildwood Family began to create something magical. Their instruments became a time machine, transporting us to times when music was an inseparable part of life. In their voices, we hear the echoes of past centuries, and in their strings, the secrets of the forest and the valley.

The original compositions on their new album, "Random Number," sound like a message to future generations: a reminder not to forget those moments when music brought souls to life and flowers blossomed in the heart. And now, "Random Number" is available to the world. Listening to it, we can feel within ourselves that same spirit and passion for music that inspired The Wildwood Family. It's music that knows no boundaries or time. After all, it carries the eternal story we can experience again and again.

Listening to "Random Number," you will feel how the band reshapes the face of the music industry. The album is filled with a variety of emotions that shift throughout the journey. It begins with folk-acoustic tracks "When Rain Turns Into Snow" and "Random Number," which envelop you with lightness and softness, like a warm spring morning breeze. Song after song, they interweave, creating an atmosphere of sunny harmony and a smooth flow through the river of life, and the track "Devil's Crush" sounds like an anthem of freedom and hope. However, The Wildwood Family complements the sound with bright moments where the space is filled with the energy of folk country, as in the tracks "When I'm Free" and "Long Long Road."

The album "Random Number" embodies the concept of a warm and gentle white color that permeates all of its compositions. The soft noise, akin to that from old photographs, almost a white visual component, reminds me of the works of great classics. This gives me a fuller impression not only of the music but also of The Wildwood Family. This choice is not random, it enhances the tenderness, melancholy, warmth, and the sense of care in the group's folk sound.

In addition to the color palette and the gentle folk sound, The Wildwood Family conceptually ties the album around themes of travel, femininity, and a woman's destiny. Each track resembles a painting in which the musicians depict different scenes. Whether it's sorrow and dealing with it, followed by a journey to a better life that is bound to come. You might ask, can one be certain of this? But the final track, "Selfish," dispels all doubts. The light jazz, sounding as if from a jazz café stage, with its unique rhythm, creates a sense of absolute triumph over all difficulties and hardships. The saxophone and sultry vocals underscore the musicians' desire to move forward, explore new styles and genres. This is precisely the moment when artists decide to take a risk and create something unique.


This creative approach represents a fresh perspective on acoustic folk music, where each track reflects the souls and passions of the musicians. The song lyrics adeptly capture heart-stirring themes, inspiring listeners with stories and guiding those who may have lost their way in the labyrinth of their own emotions. "Random Number" undergoes incredible transformations, switching rhythms from fast and melodic to slow and contemplative, from melancholic folk ballads to the sounds of country and blues. And then, the album reaches its astonishing conclusion. It's a finale that can't be described in words, it's music that makes you feel life, taking in a fresh breath. The Wildwood Family leaves their mark in the history of music, and this album is a vibrant stroke on their creative palette that will undoubtedly be appreciated by both their longtime fans and new country-folk enthusiasts.

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