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The Wolves Are Howling At The Moon! "Blood Moon" by JEFF ANDREW: A Dark Journey into the Unknown

When you see the title "Blood Moon," what are the first associations that come to your mind? Night, secrets, mystique, and fantasy, werewolves? If your thoughts were directed in this way, then I'm sure you'll enjoy the album "Blood Moon" by Jeff Andrew even before listening to it. This album is a true masterpiece of art, where the fantasy reality takes on the form of a caricature of our own reality. The album consists of 10 tracks that will lead us through a dark fantasy world, where the last of the werewolves challenge a world in which they are used and eradicated. To create the album, Jeff Andrew gathered a team of talented musicians, artists, designers, and producers around him, and specifically for this album, Miccaotli created stunning cover art, and Aeryn Shrapnel designed the album's artwork. Together, they have crafted a unique album in which folk blends with punk rock, cellos, trumpets, and violins contribute to the enchanting atmosphere. I invite you to disconnect from the familiar world for a while and immerse yourself in the new world of sound by Jeff Andrew, who dared to create a fresh sound from beloved genres.

The first track, "Sacrifice," kicks off like the best rock ballads. Rock guitars, a powerful riff, and a rocking drumbeat set the stage for an extraordinary story. The melancholic melody immediately plunges into the night, while Jeff Andrew's lyrics and vocals paint a picture of a dystopian world. The rocking sound of the overloaded guitar bursts into consciousness with the track "Deus Ex Machina." Jeff blends genres, maintaining a balance between his unhurried, unique vocals and the powerful punk rock arrangement. Multi-voice backing vocals add a touch of folk balladry, but the rock guitars and drums shatter this atmosphere. Tension builds with the track "The Last Wild Werewolf." The perfectly evocative sound of the cello blends with the weeping violin, and the trumpets harmonize with Jeff Andrew's strong vocals. This orchestral track creates an atmosphere of tension, melancholy, and resignation that will sooner or later turn into a storm. An absolutely innovative sound! This atmosphere of mounting tension is carried over into the next track, "Monsters." The explosive vocals, keys, organ, and swinging rhythm that breaks and changes make this track a perfect punk. I appreciate that the musicians are experimenting with sound, allowing their inner vision to break free.

Our journey through the dystopian world reaches its midpoint, and we are greeted by the perfect medieval violin in the track "Footprints In The Dirt." The enchanting atmosphere of dark fantasy is taken to the extreme in this piece. This track captures the mood of a grim tale from a tavern, as told by a bard. It's precisely this atmosphere that makes this track my favorite on the album. The perfect guitar harmonies of Jeff Andrew sound fantastic in the track "Murderers." Here, the album unveils its heaviest, noisiest, and most refined sound, while Jeff Andrew's vocals take on strong and demanding notes. Meanwhile, in the track "The Lonesome Death of Jack the Ripper," this mood is sustained by a dark and resonant introduction, descending almost to the sound of an ethnic gong. Personally, to me, this sound feels like a call to struggle and protest, with synthetic elements adding a touch of enchantment and melody to the tune. I appreciate how Jeff Andrew infuses vocal elements reminiscent of country blues to give the narrative the necessary sonic explosion.

The perfect balance between rock ballad and dark fairy tale fully emerges in the track "Shadow Figures." This gloomy track intentionally infuses powerful vocals, igniting sparks to the sound to ignite a real fire from its powerful sound. The remarkable fusion of sounds and genres creates a unique masterpiece of musical art. As if a calm moment arrives right before the storm, the heart holds its breath in anticipation as "Wounded Wolf" begins. The deceptive start shatters to transition into a fast rhythm, charging up for a genuine uprising. The unexpected change in rhythm and mood makes this whimsical track the epitome of experimental sound on the album.

The track "Survivor" concludes this dark saga where anyone could find themselves. Deep narratives and numerous serious themes are concealed beneath the imagery of dark fantasy and lone werewolves. The blending of genres and the unconventional fusion of instruments all inevitably find their reflection in our reality, which is also subject to a wide range of emotions and events.


The album "Blood Moon" is a saga about the dark side of the world, about nature, and about every individual on planet Earth. I recommend it to anyone who loves new sound and high-quality rock music that can be enjoyed on repeat for entire days. What struck me in my contemplation of Jeff Andrew's work is the steadfast commitment to both melody and intricate layers. "Blood Moon", with its manifold enigma and intricate arrangement, could readily serve not only as a soundtrack to the movie but also as an accompaniment to the journey of through a dark fantasy forest. Behold this creation. You won’t be disappointed.

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