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Through the looking glass: Adam Camm's debut album "Mirror, Mirror" defies the boundaries of time

Often, musicians find inspiration in artists whose music filled stadiums during the mid-20th century and early 21st century. However, few individuals not only manage to embrace the essence of retro rock music but also fully immerse themselves in its aesthetics, sound, lyrics, and overall atmosphere of past decades. Are you prepared for a transformative journey that can reshape your familiar world? Are you ready to seize the opportunity and delve into the astounding music of Adam Camm? If you dare to push the boundaries of your cherished rock music, then go ahead and crank up the volume, retrieve a high school bandanna, a cassette recorder, and a bicycle. Today, we celebrate the debut album "Mirror, Mirror" by Adam Camm—a man from the past who found himself in the present, captivating us with his talent.

Adam Camm's music serves as a mirror, reflecting the very essence of psychedelic rock's birth at the genre's inception. It encompasses thunderous percussion and mesmerizing guitar motifs that intertwine with Adam's hypnotic vocals. Modern rock music has undergone a noticeable transformation, and from the very first chords, one can sense that the album "Mirror, Mirror" has emerged straight from the vibrant 80s. He effortlessly assumes the role of a trendsetter while deliberately disregarding fleeting fashions, and it all comes across naturally. "Mirror, Mirror" resonates with echoes of both David Bowie and the Rolling Stones, uniting their essence into a single harmonious creation.

This is precisely exemplified in the first track, "Feel the Fuzz." From the moment I first experienced this album, I was captivated by its hurricane-like rhythm and energy. "Mirror, Mirror" possesses a mystical ability to ensnare the listener within its sonic embrace. This track is akin to a hypnotic spell—one that I succumbed to entirely. Then came the explosive track "Feel It," which further immersed me in a nostalgic atmosphere. It's impossible to resist the alluring and playful melody that lingers in the recesses of one's consciousness. The rapid percussion and dynamic drums play a pivotal role, altering the track's trajectory and infusing it with an artistic touch reminiscent of arthouse aesthetics.

"Wonder in the Morning After" slows the tempo, placing light synth chords at the forefront alongside a diverse vocal performance that cascades into harmonious layers. On the other hand, the eponymous track "Mirror, Mirror" epitomizes the essence of retro sound. I cannot emphasize enough how much I adore this track. The music seems to ascend into a minor key, while the vocals soar above, artfully intersecting with the track's sonic wave. Adam Camm proves himself to be not just a talented musician but also a visionary architect of his own universe, earnestly vying for a prominent position among the luminaries of psychedelic rock music.

I would also like to highlight the album "Mirror, Mirror" for its consistent style and cohesive sound. This enhances the overall perception of Adam Camm's music and facilitates complete immersion in the world of the album. The track "Skeletons on the Shelves" exudes a lighter, calmer, and ethereal vibe. "Le Chat Noir" exudes a dominant slow rhythm, reminiscent of the sounds of jazz. At times, the vocals dissolve into a haze, allowing the instruments to showcase their full potential and deliver captivating solos. However, the dark noir atmosphere is short-lived, as the following track, "Guardian Angel," bathes the space in a warm and luminous aura through its gentle guitar melodies and light vocals. It was not long ago that a somber, dark ambiance enveloped our senses, and now, after a few tracks, the world is bathed in the radiant sunshine of sound. The track "Please Sincerely Mr Jones" begins with distinct instrument sounds in each headphone, evoking a vintage ambiance.

The album concludes with the tracks "Devil in the Detail" and "Abandoned." Adam seems to have divided the ending into two tracks. As "Devil in the Detail" unfolds, it conveys a sense of urgency and raw emotion. The organ chords intensify the tension, pushing the musician into a state of ecstasy and emotional catharsis within the vocal line. Even the soft and enchanting guitar solo fails to alleviate the building stress. The final track, "Abandoned" showcases incredible rock vocals that dance from ear to ear, soaring through octaves and settling back into familiar registers. The drums blend into the echoes, adding a subtle layer to the sound, while the guitars dominate the space with astonishing hooks and solos.


Everything transpired at lightning speed—10 songs—a combination of a forced march and intense brainstorming. The album "Mirror, Mirror" stands as a magnificent creation that captivates listeners from start to finish, painting vivid imagery in their minds. It feels as though Adam Camm is a time traveler, a man from the past who brings the music of the 20th century into the modern world. "Mirror, Mirror" is an experience that must be encountered at least once in a lifetime, as it evokes nothing but the most extraordinary and sublime emotions.

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