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TIMELINE by Son Of A Gun

Rock music has been a cornerstone of popular culture for decades, and for good reason. It's raw, energetic and rebellious nature has inspired countless musicians and fans alike. There's just something special about the sound of a screaming guitar riff or the pounding of a thunderous drumbeat that captures the essence of the rock genre. Despite the changing musical landscape, there are still bands that stay true to their roots and continue to produce music in the classic rock style. One such band is Son Of A Gun, and their brand new album 'Timeline' is a perfect example of why rock music is still as cool as ever.

The Son of a Gun music exudes a passion for rock and roll that seems to have been ingrained in them since birth. If you're ready for a journey through the heart of rock, 'Timeline' is definetly the perfect guide. 'Timeline' is truly exceptional, enveloping you in a stunning atmosphere that feels both inviting and familiar. I am personally thrilled with the result, and I believe that any fan of rock and roll will be too. Each track on the album is a tour-de-force of rock excellence, with catchy hooks, soaring guitar solos and unforgettable lyrics. From the anthemic chorus of the lead single to the haunting ballad towards the end, every song is a masterpiece in its own right.

The album kicks off with the classic rock anthem 'Walk My Way'. The groovy guitars, soft rock vocals and unstoppable drums instantly transport you to the beginning of an epic adventure through uncharted territories. On the second track, 'Timeline' the music takes on a new dimension as folk-country elements are seamlessly woven into the melody. This is a concept album that showcases the band's talents as established professionals, and it invites listeners to savor every note.

The track 'Back and Forth' boasts a perfect guitar solo that injects a burst of energy and intensity into the melody. Personally, I find it to be the most dynamic and captivating track on the album. Once the Son of a Gun Band's rock adventure begins, you'll wish it could go on forever. As the musicians hit their stride in the middle of the album, it feels like watching a thrilling bike show unfold before your eyes.

'One by One' is a standout track that invokes a sense of incredible desire and freedom, as if you're speeding down the open road with the wind in your hair. The guitars and drums intertwine in a mesmerizing dance, with a mid-track solo that rises to a truly epic climax, breaking the rhythm and taking the listener on an unforgettable journey. Without rushing to change the mood, Son of a Gun keeps the impeccable rock journey going strong with 'Dead Man Walking'. This track features an incredible drum solo that builds the tension to a fever pitch before unleashing a powerful eruption of guitars and vocals.

The next track, 'See Yourself' differs from the other tracks in that the musicians use the piano to emphasize the lightness and calmness of the song. Despite this, the track still sounds like a rock ballad in the best tradition of rock music. The album concludes on an unstoppable and inspiring rock wave with the last track 'Just The Way It Goes' which happens to be my personal favorite on the album - a real gem! The unhurried rhythm of the track further accentuates this feeling, only to surprise listeners again with the non-standard composition of the song. After a bright, strong and fast journey, the musicians provide a sense of peace as if something significant has already occurred and one can finally take a breath.


'Timeline' is the perfect rock album is the way it captures the spirit of the genre. It's a celebration of all things rock, from the rebellious attitude to the larger-than-life sound. It's a reminder that even in today's world, there are still bands out there who refuse to compromise and continue to make music that speaks to the heart and soul of rock fans everywhere. In conclusion, Son Of A Gun's new album is a triumph of classic rock with old school elements. 'Timeline' is a testament to why the rock genre will never die. It's the perfect rock peace in every sense, capturing the essence of the genre while also forging its own path forward. This is a must-listen for any fan of rock music.

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