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Tyler James Johnson's 'SONGS FOR EVERYONE': The EP That's Setting Hearts Aflutter

Encountering heartfelt collections of songs along one's journey, it seems that the flame of hope, love, and the purest emotions will never fade in the world. It is priceless and incredibly touching when a musician manages to create a warm, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere from the very first chords. I am proud to introduce you to musician Tyler James Johnson and his new EP "Songs For Everyone."


Tyler Johnson's EP is like magic, made possible after many years of musical adventures in pubs and restaurants all across Canada. On stage, he performed covers to make ends meet, but his true passion has always been creating his own music. This album is his second creation, and Tyler feels genuine pride for every note and every word that resonates within it. But "Songs For Everyone" wouldn't have been possible without an inspiring team of musicians who helped bring his musical ideas to life, and we simply can't overlook them. Of course, Jennifer Croden is an incredible individual, a musician, and a vocalist. Her vocal abilities are simply stunning. She not only assisted Tyler with songwriting edits but also infused them with her unique magic. Tyler Lieb, a multi-instrumentalist whose expertise deserves wider recognition, played lead guitar, and bass guitar on the album, making each composition truly enchanting. Marshall Wildman on drums and percussion brought fire and dynamism to the songs with his drumming skills.

Indeed, my friends, each track captures a story, thoughts, and the Johnson's soul. The first track, "By The Time I Get To Nashville," is filled with an incredible sense of freedom and love. The soft sound, the amazing duet, brimming with hooks and divine sensuality, immediately captivates with its warm tone. In the track "Everything With You," the gentle country vibe carries a bright guitar sound and a special softness in its sound, as if I'm present at a live performance by Tyler James Johnson. This romantic and tender song brings tranquility and pleasure to the soul.

As we fully immerse ourselves in the warm rays of the EP, the track "Insufficient Fund Blues" begins. The vibrant bluesy rhythm, playfulness, and softness all in one track make this sound with a slight retro vibe truly unique. It's like after an energetic evening, there inevitably comes a moment of contemplation at night, and the slow acoustic ballad "New Day" starts. Tyler Johnson tells a story, and a gentle melancholy begins to reign in the sound. Jennifer's vocals add a cinematic quality to the track, infusing it with hope. I must confess that this is my favorite track, and I can imagine it as the soundtrack to a scene in a love story where two lovers are on the brink of a breakup, but each of them still yearns for the other.


After the darkest night, there's always a dawn. Just as after the gentle melancholy, the track "A Song For Everyone" begins. Tyler Johnson plays with the rhythms and sounds of the track, expanding the melodic textures to dispel the previous sadness completely. This very tender and sunny track can indeed stay on repeat for a long time. This wonderful country-Americana EP concludes with the track "Where There's Smoke There's Fire."

The voices of the musicians gain vibrant strength, as if they are performing a ballad specifically for each listener. This track is infused with a sense of pure joy and unity with everyone on the planet. Perfect guitars with memorable rhythms take the forefront, completely enveloping the atmosphere and leading the listener forward. The feeling that there are no worries around, truly grand, and you can experience genuine relaxation and forget all your troubles by simply listening to the album.


"Songs For Everyone" is the result of a passion for music and a determination to overcome all obstacles on the path to one's musical dreams. His sincere goal is to evoke emotions in people through his songs and connect with them through music. This is a story of how passion and friendship became the driving forces of creativity and how every note became a part of this inspiring musical saga. Every note, every word, every string on this album is filled with meaning. It is born from the pain of loss and the thirst for life, from the desire to convey emotions and inspiration. This is not just a collection of songs. It's a musical story that beckons us through melodies and the voices of talented musicians united by the desire to give the world something special. That's why the album is titled "Songs for Everyone," and that's precisely why it evokes emotions and leaves an indelible impression on not only me but also on you and everyone else. This EP is a true gem, and its story is only just beginning.

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