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At breakneck speed, the bizarre, unique, unstoppable The Lamplighter bursts into the stereo system. Behind the wheel sits the only person who knows how to 'drive a car' created by his own hands properly and in what direction - and his name is The Lamplighter.

We became aware of The Lamplighter for pretty important reasons. The music that the artist produces and creates is full of fat and heavy guitar riffs, processed organ sound, grunge beats and bright bass guitar. The musician enters the musical galaxy with his debut album 'Ultraviolet Catastrophe' and his debut work deserves attention.

Atmosphere, details, funky rhythm, guitars, fat bass, divine organ, creative freedom without limits and a unique sound. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail, interconnected and sounds like a real classic of the 80s. Only when you listen to such music, you understand why it was created. The album is the calling card of a musician who shakes his soul in front of the audience, but always leaves something behind. Each track contains emotions, screams and tears. The Lamplighter gets the best out of the sound. For him, there are no limits in the heavy and rich guitar sound. He has created an aura of atmospheric hard rock diluted with organ sounds that give the sound a gothic and dark tone.

The pushing force behind 'Ultraviolet Catastrophe' is the drive. This can be felt in everything. There is so much drive that it would be enough for 3 albums (or more). That's what makes 'Ultraviolet Catastrophe' just crazy. While listening you sit in such a tension that sometimes you even forget to breathe! This is the total MADNESS!

The album starts with the track 'Magma'. Do not even hope for mercy and slow rocking. You are immediately taken away by heavy guitar riffs, complex rhythmic drum structures and synthetic organ sounds into their dark and heavy lair. 'Magma' is able to convert even those who have never been interested in rock music.

The next track 'Shiny Shoes' fuels the desire to dive deeper and deeper into the volcano of instrumental rock. The Lamplighter weaves a background of drums and fat bass guitar with classic electric guitar threads. In 'Shiny Shoes,' the musician introduces an insanely cool guitar solo. Not only does it sound high quality, but it is also very difficult to play. The Lamplighter does not explain anything, he just breaks the mold. He only says: Here's point A, and here's point B. Do you understand? Then let move on! VRUUMMMM!!!

Imagine you are at a wild garage party where you are invited to listen to music and dance. You will feel embarrassed in the unfamiliar atmosphere, but you will find enlightenment in the piece 'Mansebo'. Here the organ plays the main role. The rhythmic part of the organ lays its rhythm absolutely harmonically over the main rhythm. It's as if the musician shows his sense of rhythm, which is more typical of jazz music, where the sense of beats and rhythm is as important as the air.

'FTIMSD' and 'The Grinder' elevate the organ part to the truymph. The organ becomes an utterly deadly instrument. It sounds heavy, dynamic and creates a terribly mysterious atmosphere. You have not heard it like this before. The sound of the tracks is compressed and dirty. The album has its own charm and a hidden power that flows through the veins of each track. We are thrilled!

If 'Twin Peaks' and 'Mad Max' decided to have a baby, the soundtrack to the new movie would be the track 'The Grinder'. The final track 'A Tale of Iroha' sounds like another dimension or a return to reality. By the end of the 26-minute album, it's hard to figure out where your anchor and reality lie. The Lamplighter draws the line and allows each instrument to reveal itself in the final track. Once you get used to the arthouse sound, you can let your imagination run wild. 'A Tale of Iroha' is one of the most difficult tracks of the album, which becomes our absolute favorite. The album ends with a lonely farewell guitar that sets a voluminous and long ellipsis.

In addition to the important mood that the musician creates, I feel the story in this piece. The clue to this lies in the title of the album. Each of the 7 tracks conveys tangible emotions and experiences. Imagine yourself on the other side of a personal catastrophe. What is there? Fear, anger and pain, which constantly laugh at inexplicable joy, courage and adventurousness. On the album 'Ultraviolet Catastrophe' everyone will feel completely different emotions, which makes this work unique and timeless.

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