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Longtime readers of Indie Boulevard know that we love unusual, conceptual, experimental and expressive music. It's a niche we're passionate about, and Bad Bubble fits that mold perfectly with its fourth album, 'Underscore's Accord'. The album is a deeply emotional and introspective work that explores the pain and suffering of loss. When I first heard Bad Bubble's new album, I had one thought: how responsibly he approaches the elaboration, not so much of the songs, but of the story and the message that lies in the lyrics of each song. 'Underscore's Accord' is a mixture of dark pop fused with electro and synthetic cries of vocal devotion. Bad Bubble focuses on conveying a sad and heartbreaking story. This album stands out from others in the genre for its deep sense of empathy and vulnerability. Bad Bubble does not shy away from the raw pain and fear of loss, but embraces it fully, using music as a means to process and cope with the unimaginable. The result is a work that is both deeply personal and universally relatable, a testament to the power of art to heal and connect us all.

'Underscore's Accord' traditionally opens with the instrumental piece called 'Concinnous'. I must confess that I have never heard anything like it. An excess of synthetic splashing, gloomy, melancholic violins crying amidst the ambient. The combination of acoustic sounds with electronics gives me a strong sense of time travel and the boundlessness of the artist's musical space.

The second track, 'Bigger Smart', features a synth-style vocal line from the musician. Unfamiliar sounds emerge in the arrangement that personally remind me of a ritual jew's harp. The abrupt transition from an academic sound to a trance-like sound has an unusually strong effect and it is simply impossible to stop listening to the track.

The third track 'May I?' continues our journey into the world of electronic sounds. Bad Bubble maintains a clear sound line, however, gentle and cozy deep sounds prevail in the track 'May I?.' Together with Bubble's vocals, the song creates a nostalgic atmosphere that takes me back to memories. The musician tells the story, sometimes breaking the harmony. It is the unstable harmony in the track that constantly keeps the listener's attention. 'The Heart is a Weapon' is my favorite on the album. A completely different sound space, with a semi-jazz rhythm, a discordant sound that is absolutely natural and pleasant to the ear. 'Runc' is, in my opinion, the most mysterious piece. Its light and unobtrusive sound, in drops of electronic samples, merges with the intense and strong vocals of the musician.

The arrangement in a major key, sometimes reminiscent of a lullaby, resonates strongly with the melancholic lyrics and vocals. As you float through the album, Bad Bubble plays with emotion and mood. In 'Rabid Mute,' the bass line becomes so distinct that it quickens the pulse. The closer the end of the album gets, the richer and more emotional the sound becomes. As if a final line was drawn, after which everything changes, the track 'The Eggs Pt 3' features classical piano and violins. Bad Bubble plays on the black keys, touching the depth of feelings and emotions.

'You're Going to Need More Roses' is the most cosmic track. The final song 'Retch' has collected everything that was on the album before. There are exciting chords, lingering violins and, as it were, a broken drum rhythm. Bubble's voice does not draw a line, he continues to speak and spin his tale. 'Retch' seems to immediately throw the story forward, letting the listener know that everything still lies ahead.


'Underscore's Accord' is so full of hopes, promises and tears. There's so much melancholy to be discovered from the electronic arrangements that make the roots-based 80s retro sound shine. I am glad I listened to it, because it helped me sort out a lot of issues in my life, and most importantly, it touched my heart. 'Underscore's Accord' is a stunning and deeply moving work of art that deserves to be heard by anyone who has experienced loss. Its unique blend of gritty synthpop and electronic music, combined with its profound emotional resonance, make Bad Bubble music standout in the genre and a testament to the power of music to heal, inspire and carry on despite the odds.

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