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Unmasking the soul: Billy Cullum's sonic rebellion in "WHATEVER HAPPENED NEXT"

The aesthetic pleasure derived from 'WHATEVER HAPPENED NEXT' by Billy Cullum is immense. This album could only be created by an artist for whom music and creativity constitute the essence of life. Although the album has a duration of 36 minutes, every minute spent listening to it is worthwhile. At certain points, 'WHATEVER HAPPENED NEXT' showcases elements of acoustic pop, while in other instances, it presents itself as a captivating melodrama that holds the listener's attention until the very last track. However, credit must be given to Billy for skillfully manipulating the songs' moods. Behind all the vibrancy and emotional depth, 'WHATEVER HAPPENED NEXT' conceals the author's sincerity, vulnerability, and Billy Cullum's triumphant battle.

A delicate, romantic, acoustic pop album, 'Whatever Happened Next' reflects Billy Cullum's life experiences. The musician explores childhood memories and delves into themes of love, sexuality, and self-acceptance, openly discussing being a queer artist. I am thoroughly delighted by the album's catchy, candid, and inviting sound. It feels as though every listener on the planet is a close friend, and Billy Cullum expresses appreciation for each of us through his music and lyrics. Billy's attitude transcends labels, gender, or peculiarities as he warmly invites everyone to his metaphorical party. This atmosphere of joy, security, and acceptance resonates in every note and chord.

The opening track, 'Gold,' immediately sets a serene and spring-like atmosphere. With the sounds of birdsong, gentle guitar, and Billy Cullum's open and airy vocals, it evokes a sense of tranquility and pleasant emotions. The song effortlessly immerses you in a light folk ambiance, especially during the chorus when the backing vocals join Billy Cullum's voice. The carefree nature of the first track gives way to a playful tone in 'Whatever Happened Next.' This modern pop track is infused with a touch of retro nostalgia. The reminiscent atmosphere of '90s pop lingers, evoking fond memories and allowing for the full enjoyment of the song.

As if tracing the musical journey of an artist, we traverse through the years, leaving childhood behind. In the track 'Say My Name,' the musician ponders questions about himself and the world around him. The infectious and memorable rhythm speaks to those significant initial thoughts that shape one's entire future. Once you find yourself embraced by the sound, Billy Cullum continues to captivate you with a stylish and dazzling sonic palette. Take, for instance, the track 'Twisted,' where the striking heavy guitars and groovy drums conjure an ambiance of protest and self-expression. On 'The Key,' the captivating bass line and lead guitar provide depth while Billy's soft vocals unveil intimate secrets, creating an atmosphere of revelation. Right in the middle of the album, it seems that the musician intentionally divides the concept into two distinct parts: before and after. In the track 'Crashed Into You,' Billy Cullum creates an atmosphere of liberation, flight, and absolute sensation. The pop structure, fluid rhythm, and captivating melody development are breathtaking, enhanced by harmonious voices that create a cinematic ambiance. The musical style of the tracks reflects the artist's transformative journey as they become more open and unrestrained after the impact of 'Crashed Into You.'

On the track 'Maybe for the Better,' the melody grows bolder, and the arrangement incorporates an increasingly modern sound. However, my absolute favorite on the album is the track 'Radio On.' This slow and sensual composition unfurls like a blossoming flower, carried by the graceful flow of the melody. The track truly shines thanks to Billy Cullum's captivating vocals, the deep rhythm, delicate keys, and the enchanting combination of guitar and choir-like voices.

Billy Cullum's music on the album embraces sensuality, openness, and tranquility, taking on a bold pop flavor and vibrant dance rhythms. The track 'To All of the Hands' feels tailor-made for stadiums and grand venues. When the musician's hoarse voice blends with an infectious pop wave, it creates an emotionally immersive experience, and ears are bound to be moved while listening to this track. The triumphant and revolutionary nature of 'To All of the Hands' finds a serene counterpart in the calm chamber melodies of the final track, 'So Bright.' This track resonates with gentle analog noise, while the rhythmic drums seamlessly blend with the musician's multifaceted voice. In the grand finale, it feels like Billy looks back on his life and finds a newfound sense of self. Love, care, tenderness, and peace ultimately triumph in both the melody and the soul.


Upon listening to the album, I am filled with a genuine sense of lightness and joy, as if I have journeyed through a challenging, intricate path and emerged victorious. I believe this album should serve as a symbol and anthem for all those who fear taking the first step, embracing their true selves, and accepting who they are. Billy Cullum delicately extends a hand, guiding us through his life, showcasing the infinite possibilities available to anyone who seeks harmony within themselves and the world. I am utterly amazed and delighted. Billy is an artist with an impeccable sense of taste, evident in every aspect of 'WHATEVER HAPPENED NEXT.' The album boasts rich melodies, captivating choruses, and a remarkable musical scale. The cover art is incomparable, adding another layer of artistic brilliance. I'm grateful to Billy for creating a masterpiece that has left an indelible mark on my soul. It reminds us that nobody is perfect, yet everyone can find their own freedom, just like Billy Cullum did with 'WHATEVER HAPPENED NEXT.' I wholeheartedly recommend this album to everyone!

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