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Unveiling the Soul's Symphony: discover the profound power of "Future 9" by Bad Bubble

Every individual possesses a life's work, an underlying existence that shapes and defines their life. For instance, If Kurt Gödel had not formulated and proved the theorem on the incompleteness of formal systems, he would have been a different person. Beethoven, too, would not have been his true self without his magnificent Symphony No. 9. Just like Bad Bubble wouldn't be himself if he hadn't recorded his debut album, "Future 9." Through electronic chords that pierce the purple haze, his music transcends conventional dance beats and embraces overwhelming melancholy. His music serves as a reflection of the profound human suffering that resonates with each one of us. A man who, despite losing his daughter, held onto his faith and discovered solace in expressing himself through music. "Future 9" marks the beginning of Anna's new life, encapsulating personal tragedy that has bared the poetic depths of our contemporary hero, Bad Bubble.

From the very start of the album, you'll find yourself immersed in a sea of melancholy called "Velvet Off." This instrumental piece beautifully captures the world crafted by Bad Bubble, gently preparing the listener to plunge into the depths of sorrow. "This Is for Kori" takes center stage with its vibrant synthetic tones intertwined with the lingering violin from the previous track. The harmonious blend of these instruments forms a soothing and emotionally stirring backdrop. However, solace gives way to the arrival of the somber and introspective "Messier Thirty One." This tale will deeply resonate with you, reaching the very core of your being. It seems that Bad Bubble has discovered a way to pluck the heartstrings of souls, evoking the inner melodies of all who have ever listened to his music. "Summer Fall" bursts into the ears with a nostalgic melody and gentle harmonies, reminiscent of an old TV broadcast from my parents' era. I particularly enjoy the fusion of retro vibes with space-inspired elements, the tremulous vocals, and the touch of uplifting hooks. It's akin to watching an enthralling sci-fi film, during its climactic moment when all the characters are saved and blissful.

In each track, there are small stories woven, forming beautiful mental pictures. "Smart Secrets" resonates like a soothing ballad, accompanied by acoustic instruments, while "Wing Nut" transports me to a smoky bar "The Bang, Bang" from Twin Peaks. The track's infectious beat, vibrant percussion, and Bad Bubble's electro frozen vocals captivate me. It's worth mentioning that every song on the album harmonizes seamlessly, with the musician's voice consistently in tune, never straying into dissonant territory. Despite the intricacy of some melodies, each chord flows effortlessly, a testament to Bad Bubble's skill as a musician. Walking along the streets of "Future 9" and peering into the windows of neighboring houses, we find ourselves inside the realm of "Love Slop." This unsettling and sorrowful song, in my opinion, carries the most profound emotional weight on the entire album. "Digital Zero" emanates a dark and weighty atmosphere. The synth-acoustic ballad "Autumn & The Overture" resembles a lullaby, with its resounding bells, enchanting flutes, and strings. It stands as the most poignant song on the album, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

Meanwhile, "The Eggs, Pt. One" takes the form of an impassioned plea, accompanied by delicate piano chords and sorrowful violin. It feels as though the end is inevitable, and with a hint of anticipation in its sound, the album's gritty track, "That Day," commences. This song leaves behind a prolonged ellipsis, skillfully created through the use of professional synth beats, abundant percussion, and lyrics rich with meaning. "That Day" serves as the epitome of intricate musical and vocal composition.


"Future 9" is an album of remorse, encompassing the very essence of the artist's worldview, housing a collection of ideas and feelings. Within "Future 9," Bad Bubble embarks on a journey exploring the themes closest to his heart, which he will further cultivate in subsequent albums: pain, loss, acceptance, and the spiritual evolution of his inner self. Each word holds significance, every note resonates. All of this is intended to encourage listeners to introspect, to examine themselves and draw comparisons with what they encounter within the album "Future 9". As we immerse ourselves in the haunting melodies and evocative lyrics of 'Future 9', we are confronted with our own vulnerabilities and triumphs, our own joys and sorrows. It serves as a poignant reminder that we are not alone in our struggles and that our experiences, no matter how unique, are part of a universal tapestry of human existence. In "Future 9", we find solace, we find catharsis, and ultimately, we find the power to heal. It is an album that transcends mere entertainment, transcends genre boundaries, and touches upon the profound essence of what it means to be human.

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