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Vava Quail's 'Beloved Ashes' Album – Where Psychedelic Vibes Meet Nostalgia!

How often do you feel doubt and alienation when returning to the places where you grew up? Of course, sometimes it's completely different, returning to one's native lands can evoke feelings of alienation and reevaluation. When Vava Quail returned to his homeland after many years in Berlin, he was overwhelmed with excitement and nostalgia. The rural area where he grew up seemed like a new world to him, filled with memories from the past. Quail felt like a stranger amidst familiar places. He remembered his first steps into the world of music here, on this land, where every sound, every rustle of leaves, and every bird's song was a source of inspiration for him. This sense of reevaluation and alienation prompted Vava Quail to create an entire album that would reflect his inner feelings, worldview, and memories. He gathered together all his emotions, experiences, and memories to convey them through music and began creating his debut album, "Beloved Ashes."

And today, on December 8th, the debut album "Beloved Ashes" has finally been released. The release consists of eight tracks, with each song representing a chapter from the musician's life and memories. Vava Quail used the piano to express his deep connection with music, added ambient sounds infused with the atmosphere of his native lands, and included vocal and choral arrangements to convey his feelings and emotions. The intimacy, depth, and emotional impact of the album are striking from the very first track, "Sugar." The incredibly emotional vocals, accompanied by harmonious choirs, detach you from the world and immediately tune you into the unique wave of "Beloved Ashes," where the world immerses itself in the hazy mist of memories.

The distortion of the sound reality is felt amidst the serene atmosphere of the title track "Beloved Ashes," where Vava Quail utilized his own saxophone playing. The incredible tension and a sense of deep immersion into emotions and feelings in the track "Calendula" become truly astonishing. It's gripping, powerful, and magical. The experimental sound blends with perfect pop-commercial vocals in the track "Hold on! I'm On The Sea!" and then the tracks "Warm White Tiles" and "A River I Know" unfold as familiar acoustic ballads with tender keys that make the soul weep because your world is filled with voices, emotions, and memories.

It's as if hinting at memories and thoughts that cyclically inhabit the consciousness, the track "The Calendula Reprise" strikes with oppressive waves, reminiscent of a raging ocean, rolling in again but with stronger emotions. It's an incredibly powerful track that disrupts the light acoustic atmosphere, seizing the mind with a distorted vocal processor, adding a deeper layer to the album's concept. The final track, "Paris," concludes the immersion into the world of "Beloved Ashes," leaving a sense of complete rebirth. Addressing the Universe for the first time, the track becomes akin to a prayer. Absolutely stunning! Each track is a small, poignant, and significant story that literally embeds itself into the consciousness, painting incredible pictures.

All the songs on the album are incredibly aesthetic and cinematic, as Vava Quail has built an entire universe around the release. The visual aspect of the album is immensely important. Executed in a single color palette, it mirrors the mood of the tracks. Brighter and airy tones hint to listeners about the nature of positive feelings, hope, memories, and inspiration, while in the darker tracks, there are notably more somber, minor harmonies, unusual sound decisions, and experimental processing.

This album feels like a living organism, transitioning smoothly between its emotions. It's impossible not to mention the lyrics on the album, which reflect the musician's desire to create a deep, conceptual, and unique piece of work. The intricate lyrics and remarkable imagery lay bare the soul of Vava Quail and his most personal feelings.


Quail has found a way to overcome the sense of alienation he experienced in his homeland and to help others do the same. "Beloved Ashes" is a stunning start that offers listeners a truly amazing and new musical experience. Each track has the potential to bring tears to the eyes, and the themes explored in the lyrics may find reflection in the thoughts of the audience. This is how music becomes a part of the experience and lingers in memory for a long time. I highly recommend listening to the album, immersing yourself in the universe of the rising indie star, and savoring the chamber music capable of, if only for a while or perhaps even permanently, changing your world.

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