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VOID by The Isle Of CC

Serena Robb - is a gender-fluid being known in the music world as The Isle of CC who is passionate about jazz and has released one of the most exciting soul jazz albums of the year.

The Isle of CC certainly has the blessing of many dead and alive muses, since high-points abound on the "Void". There are only three songs on the album but each song is like a three-minute vignette of emotions, angst and passion. The Isle of CC revels it’s traditional jazz/soul sound with many layers of vintage keyboards, funky basslines and broken drums line bringing your speakers to life. "Void" is clearly influenced by the sensibilities of 1960s pop and soul.

Everything starts with the lead single "Little Black Dress". Serena's voice is smooth and warm to listen to. She/he knows exactly when to push her/his voice forward and when need to go back to the deep. Producer Ray Kills allows her/his to sit comfortably in a great selection of live instruments and backing vocals. Together they manage to make a sound alive, classic, ancestral but also totally modern.

It can be assumed that the "Void" is positioned as a conceptual album, it is inspired by Serena's life experience, and reflects her/his ideas about the love and betrayal of loved ones. That is why stylistically the next song "Solitary" sounds like slow blues tracks with warm piano arrangements and neo-soul tendencies in the vocals. The song sweave into a whimsical stream of iridescent structures, mixing soul influences with jazz notes.

"Friends" is a fantastically well balanced and mixed track. It has pleasure and tension and has a very high standard of musicians playing. What is worth the fleeting appearance of orchestral brass at the end. There are some interesting twists in the tune, but those twists come up towards the end of the song. There's also a strong jazz/R&B influence here with the addition of brass, and a kick-ass instrumental bridge.

Every song on this EP has a catchy hook and each track is a joy to listen to. "Void" by The Isle of CC is a real find, woven at the intersection of several styles, each of which brings to the fore its best aesthetic manifestations.

Want to know more about "Void" and The Isle Of CC? Сheck out our exclusive interview. Connect with The Isle Of CC via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook







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