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"We're all mad here": "Alice and the Wonderland" Gets a Rock Opera Twist by In Search Of!

I believe that most people are familiar with Lewis Carroll's adventure novel "Alice in the Wonderland" as well as the famous adaptation by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp. However, have you heard of the original rock opera based on this novel? Personally, I am enamored with this multifaceted work, which holds so many meanings. In particular, I have fallen in love with the rock, power pop, and hard rock interpretation of the novel by In Search Of. In Search Of is a musical project formed by the extraordinary father-daughter duo, Michael Raitzin and Michelle Ray. The duo have captured the hearts of not only dedicated rock music enthusiasts but also readers from around the globe. Their album titled "Alice and the Wonderland" stands as a pinnacle work within the world of rock music, deserving admiration. The group takes listeners on a journey with Alice as she embarks on her adventures in a fantastical realm. Waves of wild rock, incredible vocals, astonishing guitar riffs by Michael Raitzin, and powerful rock sounds reminiscent of a volcanic eruption are sure to leave no one indifferent. The band have not only translated the beloved story into music but have also emphasized its most unsettling and tense moments. In Search Of's "Alice and the Wonderland" album is a true musical delight.

Rock music is a remarkable genre, and only true professionals and maestros of music can truly capture its multifaceted sound. Right from the beginning of the track "Intro," it becomes apparent that In Search Of has revolutionized the music industry. The chirping of birds gives way to the enchanting melodies of violins and flutes, setting the stage for the entire story. The orchestral arrangement create a sense of tension, and the dialogue immediately immerses you in the history and concept of the album. The guitar solo gives me goosebumps—it's sheer madness! Our adventure, as well as Alice's adventure, begins with the "Engagement Party" she unwillingly attends. The feeling of Alice not belonging anywhere and yearning for something better permeates every note, and the singer skillfully conveys Alice's desire to break free from the confines of her world through her amazing and powerful vocals. This incredible rock opera is something you just want to listen to over and over again. I love how the beginning of the album "Alice and the Wonderland" effectively captures key moments of the story with its rhythmic and speedy depiction of falling into a hole and Alice's journey through numerous doors.

In the subsequent part, akin to a new chapter, the duo in "Ambush" introduces the tale of the Jack of the Red Queen, emphasizing the character's nature and the realm of the Red Queen's kingdom. The heavy guitars generate an unsettling atmosphere, while the drums beat out an assertive rhythm, seemingly issuing cruel commands. Vocals play a distinct and significant role. The remarkable performance and captivating choruses, accompanied by multiple backing voices, create a sensation of a grand spectacle that one can easily envision on a theater stage. The encounter with the Red Queen's world concludes with the sound of an alarming rush, ultimately immersing us further into Alice's story in Wonderland.

In the following track, "Alice," the musicians narrate the story through a slow and melodic rock ballad. I am truly captivated by Michelle's voice, as she embodies the character, infusing every phrase with raw emotion. The track "Tea Party" exudes an air of peculiarity, novelty, and surprise in its events. I appreciate how the musicians accentuated this meaningful and intricate scene with synthetic elements and shimmering keys. The sensation is indescribable when listening to the album with headphones, it feels as though a genuine musical is unfolding within your imagination, complete with vibrant costumes, mesmerizing sets, and utter madness! As we approach the conclusion of the album and the story, the tension intensifies. The musicians emphasize the significance of the events and the unfolding narrative with ambient sounds that evoke the surrounding space. In the track "Jabberwocky," we are treated to unique rock vocals. The musicians' impeccable execution showcases their mastery of sound. The classic rock vocals truly ignite and elicit a sense of admiration. It is a flawless performance that leaves a lasting impression.

Among my personal favorites are the tracks "The Red Queen" and "Vorpal Sword". In my opinion, these pieces were crafted with a theatrical flair, and the musicians adeptly capture the mood of the scenes involving the Red Queen and the quest for the Vorpal Sword. The duo skillfully elevate the level of tension, with the instruments sounding commanding, and the vocal lines infused with hints of metal. As we approach the climactic showdown, In Search Of introduces an organ to heighten the tension in the track "Revolt". It is a pure and remarkable work in terms of both music and storytelling.

While listening, one can't help but feel immersed in Wonderland and experience the events. Similar to the finest films, operas, and theatrical productions, In Search Of delivers a true revolution in the finale, escalating the tension to its maximum. The track "Embattled" resonates like a genuine anthem and battle cry, urging us to persevere, while "Frabjous Day" ignites with an actual blaze. Michael & Michelle push the tension to its limits with soaring vocals, pulsating rhythms, and an unsettling instrumental aria. It evokes an irresistible urge to dance victoriously to the rhythmic keys and uncontrollably shake your head to the instrumental track "Futterwacken Dance".


In Search Of has truly crafted an anthem of triumph, exuding joy that compels you to move. The trumpets carry elements of jubilation and victory, while the dialogue towards the end hints at the Mad Hatter asking Alice if she can stay in Wonderland. In the final part of the story, titled "Farewell," a certain sadness lingers from the parting, yet it is accompanied by a joyful aftertaste. Air flutes and Michelle's remarkable vocal performance effectively convey this mix of emotions. Will there be a sequel, "Alice Through the Looking Glass"? For now, it remains a mystery. In the meantime, let us revel in the new interpretation of this timeless classic by In Search Of.

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