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What Makes ARCHITRAVE'S Latest Album "Out of My Mind and Into Yours" Unmissable?

Have you ever wondered how multifaceted synthetic sound can be? Its possibilities are boundless, and only the boldest and most talented musicians can unlock all its dark, profound, and unfathomable shades. I want to introduce you to the masters of dark synth sound, the duo Architrave, who are returning today, on September 16th, with their third album, "Out of My Mind and Into Yours." This release features 11 tracks, and each track is a journey through the chords of cosmic pads, whirlwinds of ultraviolet sound, and deep, mesmerizing vocals. Architrave is the project of Jennifer Maher Coleman and Paul Coleman, and the musicians seem to redefine their own emotions and the world in this new release. Discovering new horizons of dark synth for themselves and their listeners, we cannot pass by indifferently. As a listener, I feel that it is precisely this blending of genres that opens up incredible musical horizons for me. Paul Coleman's basslines, like feathers, caress my ears and add a special charm to the music. Jennifer Maher Coleman's lyrics sound like philosophical reflections, making me ponder profound aspects of life. I invite you to harness your ability to disconnect from the world and fully immerse yourself in the unique and astonishing "Out of My Mind and Into Yours."

The first track, "Look Out," is a dive into the dark synth world with a vibrant rhythm and cosmic vocals. An incredible sense of detachment from the world accompanies this track. The video clip adds a special depth, leaving only neon outlines of the world. Next comes what seems like an experimental synth sound with hints of house in "Twitch of the Wing." The perfect keys with a deep sound evoke a hypnotic sensation and immersion into the matrix of synth sound with Jennifer Maher Coleman's sultry vocals. To enhance this effect, I encourage you not only to listen to the album but also to watch it! The duo supports the release of their art-house experimental synth album with a series of music videos that expand the album's universe and provide new avenues for reflection. For example, in the music video for "Twitch of the Wing," the world seems to unfold into a multitude of universes, and the complexity and art-house storytelling make this release something that can only be understood by the subconscious.

Next, we delve into the deep and distant cosmos with the following track, "Synesthesia." The sounds of this track are so textured and multifaceted that it's impossible not to savor them. The sound of this track evokes feelings that are typically experienced when listening to dark ambient music - a sense of flight, inspiration, and a feeling of being lost in space.The duo make a real turnaround during the album when the track "The Lot" begins. Adding juicy and vibrant acoustic sounds, the duo blends in with the purely synthetic sound, completely disrupting the established atmosphere. It's astonishing and incredibly heartfelt. However, our "awakening" with acoustic elements is short-lived because in "Lorem Ipsum" and "Machine For Living," powerful and dense waves of synth return. These are my favorite tracks due to their darkness and absolute cinematic quality. It's as if after a brief respite, we dive even deeper into the album's looking glass.


As we approach the conclusion, the sound becomes denser, darker, and more unsettling. In the track "No Days Off," the sound veers towards house, capturing the darkness of witch house, dubstep, and adding perfect tension to our journey through the space of cosmic synth to its culmination. The album concludes with the track "The Edge."

In this track, the musicians have poured all their skill and soul because it combines all genres. Synth, house, and the rhythmic guitars of grunge, cosmic vocals, and unearthly rhythms all come together, making the final track astonishing and unique, full of mysteries yet offering perfect liberation. The last two tracks, much like the two music videos, inevitably form a cohesive whole. In "No Days Off," the complete disarray and prostration of the main character dissolve into "The Edge" video, where not only realistic colors matter but also a multitude of globes. This enigma is worth unraveling!


"Out of My Mind and Into Yours" is like a dance on the edge of genres. I hear a blend of breakbeats and electronic sounds with organic instruments and warm vocals. It's like a symphony of different worlds coming together as one. In the world of music, there's something amazing and unfathomable - it's synthetic sound, and its potential is boundless. Architrave and their third album prove this. It's music that possesses a magic capable of transporting us to different dimensions and awakening the deepest emotions. It's a journey through the mysterious chords of cosmic pads, whirlwinds of ultraviolet sound, and the mesmerizing vocals of Jennifer Maher Coleman. It opens up uncharted horizons of dark synth, making us see and hear music in a new light. It's music that is not only heard but also felt. The art-house music videos that accompany some tracks expand the universe of "Out of My Mind and Into Yours" and make us contemplate profound philosophical questions. It's art that directs our attention not only to sound but also to visual perception. Architrave are the masters of dark synth sound, and they invite you into their unique musical world.

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