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What Needs To Be Known About the Indie Boulevard Music Awards 2023?

The Great Time: About the Indie Boulevard Awards

The Indie Boulevard 2023 Award marks the second edition of its kind, traditionally held towards the end of the year, around Christmas when something truly magical fills the air. This is an important note because during this time, our platform has become a stage for the emergence of talents and sounds that have revolutionized the perception of music. We simply couldn't stand aside and decided that these artists deserve more—they deserve genuine recognition. Our event is a response to the challenges they've thrown into the world of sounds and creativity. It's an opportunity to highlight their unique contributions to the indie scene, embodying those talents that simply cannot remain in the shadows. The Indie Boulevard 2023 Award is a moment when the world pauses, and indie music comes alive in its most exquisite manifestation. People engage in dialogues with incredible talents, and music enthusiasts find themselves captivated by a plethora of sonic emotions. For convenience, our event is divided into two stages, detailed below.

Stage One: Your Voice, Your Song

An open vote for the best POP/ROCK/ACOUSTIC song. Tracks compete for your heart, your loyalty, your passion. There are no complex rules here—just sounds that immerse you in a storm of emotions. The track that conquers the most hearts will emerge as the winner. And of course, we'll conduct an exciting interview with the winner and feature it in the new issue of our magazine. But that's not all: prizes from our partners await the winners, and they are indeed quite intriguing.

Stage Two: Jury and Nominations

The second part is the time to pay tribute to talents in seven categories. Winners here are not determined by voting but by the selection of a jury comprising seasoned professionals and, of course, the Indie Boulevard team. The nominations are as follows:

Best Male Singer

Best Female Singer

Best Band

Best Cover Artwork

Best Sound Production

Best EP

Best Album

The winners in these categories will receive the 'Official Indie Boulevard Certificate'! We truly hope that this award will serve as inspiration for everyone who loves music as much as we do. It will stand as a symbol of recognition and support for those unafraid to forge ahead.

First Voting will open on December 18th.

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