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What Shadows Lurk Behind SANNIA's Success Post The Voice Australia? A Deep Dive Into Her Debut Album

The story of SANNIA is about a girl who always dreamed of a career in music. Her voice was a source of energy and passion for herself and numerous fans of her work. Music became her second "self," and she was able to achieve significant success in the music industry. SANNIA became a finalist on The Voice Australia, which opened up many opportunities for her. However, after this peak, a period came that changed everything. SANNIA met a person, and as is often the case, fell in love with him, seeing in him inspiration and support. She opened up her dreams to him, sharing her most intimate thoughts and feelings. He, taking advantage of the situation, began insistently telling her that her talent was not unique enough. Amidst the web of his lies and deceit, SANNIA felt her confidence and belief in herself and her talent crumbling.

Her heart endured disappointment, feeling the pain carried by his deceit and betrayal. Doubts about her own abilities seeped into her music, and she began losing herself in a world that had once been her sanctuary. But eventually, she realized that his opinion was merely the subjective perception of a failure, not justifying her own love for music and passion for self-expression. Her confidence that music was not just individuality but also the courage to be oneself overshadowed the shadow of his criticism. It fueled her creative energy, helping her find her own path to true expression and authenticity in music. SANNIA stopped singing for others and began singing for herself, to rediscover her own uniqueness. The healing began anew, and music became her path to personal happiness.

With the support of her family, fans, and friends, she managed to create her debut album, "James," a recording that took nearly 5 years to complete. Each song on this album is filled with emotions and wisdom gained on her journey to recovery. The 13 tracks united her desire to believe in herself and sing loudly with her strength again. In each track, she relives difficult moments to finally let them go. It's like a movie about the feelings of a young girl, and you can feel it right from the first track, "love you like." The tender vocals, light sound, and stunning development of the track create a sense of gentle infatuation.

The track "stuck in your orbit" resonates passionately and powerfully, with rhythms reminiscent of the perfect pop radio sound, as if wings are lifting you to the pinnacle of the sky in complete harmony. The track "doubts" introduces new tones and emotions. SANNIA's soulful vocals and perfect hooks create a sense of complete immersion in emotions that engulf you entirely. After this track, the album seems to change course, adopting a more nostalgic pop sound, as heard in "the good ones." This acoustic ballad shatters the heart and brings a lump to the throat due to the singer's tender and light vocals.

Тhe track "salvation" echoes like a scream from the depths of the heart, adding a touch of melancholy, painting the canvas of emotions and memories with the bitterness of pain and hurt, while "lay your heart down" hints at an approaching dawn. The shift in mood happens smoothly and almost imperceptibly, within the gentle, slow jazz vibrations, a sense of maturity, inner strength, and complete harmony permeates the atmosphere. It's as if at the end of the album, the cold dawn has turned into a warm, sunny day full of hope.

For the album, SANNIA chose a purple palette, sitting alone, seemingly entirely lost, while a stern observer looks down from above. Like a butterfly about to spread its wings and soar above all hardships. In doing so, the singer creates a new reality for anyone in need of help to navigate loneliness and pain. The final track, "go and get over - james version," sounds like the scene after the credits roll, where the heroine, having regained all her strength and voice, looks at everything from the height of experience and can, with a smile, forgive and let go. The tenderness, acceptance, forgiveness, and a sense of gentle melancholy in the final track make it very emotional and personal for me. It is precisely because of the sensibility of these tracks that the singer's debut album becomes a story of her personal growth and triumph over difficulties.


This album has become not only a healing process for SANNIA herself but undoubtedly can serve as a source of inspiration for those facing similar trials. The absolute creativity, soul, and strength in the album "James" are laid bare for every listener, and the singer fully exposes herself, discussing personal matters. This forces us to look at the world of music and the entire industry in a different light. How many more broken souls need support, attention, and recognition? Currently, the album is at #3 on the Australian Pop Charts on iTunes. Every moment of the debut album "James" is filled not only with sound but also with the strength of the human soul, a light in the dark world of art born from difficulties and emotional struggles. This story is about the courage to embrace oneself and turn vulnerability into strength. SANNIA continues her journey, inspiring others not to fear their uniqueness and to seek their own path to true happiness.

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