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WHEN I'M HOME by Lounna

Debut album has an interesting twist for every artists who finds themselves entering a new phase of their music career. Lounna’s debut album “When I'm Home'', this is a dream that after a very long time became a reality. A aerial, bright and transfixed force of nature, this album is a folk acoustic wildflower. It is a total observance of style and pace but the essence of Lounna’s soul and heart is omnipresent throughout.

The album will tell the tale of how far someone goes to keep living the dream, but also it's a journey of loss, getting lost, to not give up and finding yourself. "When I'm Home'' also tackles how Lounna reconstructs herself afterwards into a wiser being. The album feels like a return to old roots and the banjo is here, just in a more natural, landscaped way to driving the music forward. Opener “Pennies In The Fountain” introduces you to smooth guitar sound and slightly ringing banjo and hooks. Her penchant for being able to write an easy country chorus is admired as she keeps her folky lyrics with “And you said "wandering these streets never felt more like home But these crowded streets are all you had ever called home».”

Some people will be put on ice by these lyrics, broken rhythm in places, but I quite enjoy them! Because its a level above most country pop because Lounna plays instruments by herself, it's live sound and when you do it all, that elevates you from more mainstream artists. "When I'm Home" as an organic album than with only light synthetic instruments feather the background over the guitars, banjo and soft Lounna's vocal.

“Valley (of the moon)” has an epic feel of deep bass giving way to the drums that punch through the song. It has a little quirky banjo that provides mini riffs between anthemic choir choruses. This makes for a smoother, folkier overall feel.

“Mississippi” has a warm natural soundscape given to the open strums and percussion. It feels like you’ve fallen into soft pillows of flowers and everything needs to be cuddled. “Monarch to Mexico'' has an amazing chorus that is something you imagine singing along in a concert to or in a car rushing along the highway. The production is more glittery than usual but it’s still very warm and soft and a special moment to the Lounna's vocal layering and the call responses towards the end – it’s divine, it's so country.

“From the Cradle to the Grave' ” for some reason reminds me of old 70’s folk songs that have a certain sparkle and punch drum. It’s the album's sweet track and it fits the bill beautifully.

“Lavender Wine” is pure folk pop at its best and maybe the best track on the album. From the soft and warm vocals being made to the melodic hook to the drums beat to the big orchestral sound and wailing background guitars, it’s a perfectly crafted track and, yes, is one of my favourite songs. "Falling now will I be caught by you? 'Cause fast asleep there is only you And in my dreams, you've found me too". The closing track “Sycamore” is similar soft and celestial in places. There’s a lot of banjo in this album and you can hear it playing melodies under the drums and vocals.

“Lavender Wine” is pure folk pop at its best

Truthfully , "When I'm Home" is amazing. This album reminds of the most iconic female musicians. It’s lighter and warmer, this is just about home, nature, love, tears and...freedom. Joyous, folky, fulfilling and equal parts beautiful and awesome – everyone should spend time in "When I'm Home". Connect with Lounna via Instagram, Facebook







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