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Which Weekly Spotlight Track Will Keep You Grooving All Autumn Long?

Friends, here is the long-awaited edition of the Weekly Spotlight, in which we have prepared the newest and best tracks for the upcoming autumn for you. Even though September has crept in like a sneaky squirrel, we're here to keep the sunshine vibes alive in your musical hearts. Today, we will embark on a perfect journey with the rhythms of commercial pop sounds, dive into a bar with the sexy indie pop vibes, and conclude our stroll with some light Americana in the best genre traditions.

Lo Lauren

"Only One on Earth"

This track is like a mind-melting milkshake – it's got the perfect blend of beats, and Lo Lauren's voice is so darn beautiful that you'll feel like you're strolling through a neon-lit cityscape. So, put on your dancing shoes, because trying to stay still with this track is like trying to juggle flaming marshmallows.

Beck Pete


Let's dive into the slow and sensual chords of "BITE DOWN." It's a playful harmony of perfect guitars and the deep, almost velvety voice of the singer. It's the ideal soundtrack for either a fiery dance-off or a slow-motion, self-indulgent catwalk through life.

Julianna Rankin

"New Money"

Close your eyes, imagine the sun giving you a warm hug, and you'll be right in the groove of this perfect Americana sound. It's like the musical equivalent of a porch swing on a lazy Sunday afternoon. You won't want to press pause on this track – it's like trying to stop a determined squirrel from raiding your birdfeeder.


Keep those music-loving hearts open and ready for more, because we'll be back next week with more captivating tunes to share. Until then, take care, stay groovy, and keep listening to the sweet sound of good music! See you next time!

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