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Whispers of the Otherworld: Simon Talbot's darkest musical offering, "Paradox"

Simon Talbot is back with a new album that aims to capture the hearts and minds of listeners who appreciate both unique music and a strong concept. The musician continues to make rapid strides with each release, exploring new musical territories and bringing his ideas to life. As someone who has been following Simon's work for a long time, I can confidently say that this album is significantly darker than its predecessors. "Paradox" is a collection of tracks that are infused with mysticism, mystery, and layers of meaning. It represents absolute art that can be comprehended through both reason and emotion. Simon has not deviated from his tendency to delve into the realm of the unusual, as he continues to explore a branch of strange events. The album weaves together lives, stories, and events in a mystical manner, offering each listener the opportunity to interpret them in paradoxical and new ways.

Before you dive into listening, I'd like to emphasize that the music of the new album "Paradox" is intimately linked with visual imagery. This subtle aspect is crucial and should not be overlooked. I highly recommend taking the time to thoroughly explore the accompanying artwork, as it will provide a deeper understanding of Simon Talbot's world in "Paradox." Talbot is renowned for crafting music that often delves into mystical and inexplicable themes, such as time travel, the interconnectedness of lives across centuries, and possibly even generations. Each listener has the opportunity to embark on a journey through this book-album, armed with the photographs that inspired Simon to create this musical masterpiece, and fully immerse themselves in "Paradox." What is time? What is life? What are these events? Everyone will discover their own answers to these questions amidst the enchanting sounds of Simon Talbot's alternative and unique music. The album "Paradox" is characterized by a predominant use of black and white as well as sepia tones, contributing to the timeless ambiance of the alternative rock music.

Our journey into the "Paradox" universe begins with the track "Shadows Shawl," a haunting song that sets the melancholic tone for the entire album. The musician's voice reverberates, creating a multi-layered effect that highlights the album's exploration of the paradoxical duality of personalities across time. Continuing the journey, "The Man From Taured" emerges as a powerful rock track, featuring grooving guitars and an irresistible rhythm that compels listeners to tap along. "Never Said Goodbye" follows suit, exuding brightness and emotion that resonates in every note. In a unique artistic choice, the track "Preominate" introduces echoes of the past, piercing the ears. As mentioned earlier, this is one of Simon's darkest albums, with the music evoking a sense of something sinister lurking in the shadows, observing silently. The captivating nature of "Paradox" holds us captive, as the album's events unfold and draw us in deeper and deeper. I appreciate Simon's experimentation with guitar sounds, which creates a captivating whirlwind and guitar dance in the retro-inspired track "Babushka." This light rock ballad seamlessly transitions into the mysterious and enigmatic tones of "Out of View." It feels as though in this track, the musician has captured a powerful and transformative event, capable of igniting passion in hearts and altering the course of history. Not only does the narrative change, but the very sound of the album evolves as well.

In the tracks "Harry Turner and the Ultra Terrestrials" and "The Count," the sound takes on an ethereal quality that suddenly breaks into a fast-paced rock rhythm and a tense atmosphere as soon as it emerges. As we move from one event to another, tracing the lifeline of "Paradox," we are caught up in the gripping narratives of "Dorothy Eady - Omm Sety" and "Nina." In my opinion, these are the most intense and unsettling tracks on the album. In "Dorothy Eady - Omm Sety," the rapid drum beats mirror the rhythm and speed of life's flow, while in "Nina," the soaring guitars assume a prominent role, reflecting the height of the female vocals and engaging in a dialogue with them.

"Paradox" reaches its conclusion with the track "Caterind De Cremona." This poignant song is saturated with pain and melancholy, drawing a delicate thread that weaves through all the preceding tracks, binding them together. Through the use of weeping guitars and emotive vocals, this sorrowful and introspective piece leaves a profound wound in the depths of the soul.


"Paradox" stands as a concept release, adorned with distinct hues for each listener. Having traversed the journey of "Paradox," I was left with a profound sense of undergoing a soul's rebirth, entangled within the tapestry of different centuries throughout human history. In contrast to the occasional optimism found in "Miracles" and "Skinwalker Ranch," "Paradox" delves into profound darkness, and this aspect is undeniably a significant strength. It represents Simon's most experimental and darkest work to date. The album is a chaotic amalgamation of dark guitar riffs and bass lines that feel as though they were inspired by a dystopian film. Some of the melodies are hauntingly ominous, while Talbot masterfully constructs a symphony of strings and synthesizer, evoking an intoxicating atmosphere reminiscent of past lives. "Paradox" is a gloomy realm where the depths of the inner mind unfurl. Fans of dark rock, gothic, and experimental music should undoubtedly embark on this captivating journey.

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