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Who Stole the Spotlight? Revealing the Indie Scene in This BOULEVARD Weekly Spotlight

It's finally time for our new edition of Boulevard's Weekly Spotlight. I'm confident that this new selection of songs will definitely stay in your playlist for a long time. Today, we'll be relaxing to the unhurried rhythms of acoustic songs, enjoying amazing country and acoustic folk, and slow jazz. This combination of slow and uplifting tracks will surely set your mood right and provide you with many minutes of enjoyment with summer-like and light music.

Anna Rose

"Last Girl of the Rodeo"

It's an incredible blend of gentle acoustic vibes and an intimate atmosphere. The ease, sensuality, and tenderness in the track "Last Girl of the Rodeo" are at their peak, making this track indispensable in every playlist.


"After All This Time"

Are you ready to indulge in perfect acoustic folk? The driving rhythm, tender vocals, and amazing guitars make this track my favorite of today's selection. This isn't just another song – it's a journey through the essence of folk, a harmonious experience that captures the very spirit of the genre.

Gareth Nugent

"Even Mountains Fall"

Strong and romantic vocals, and the gradual development of the track "Even Mountains Fall" – it's a flawless combination for a true acoustic hit. The track is so emotional that it could easily become a soundtrack for a movie or series.


"Stolen Heart"

The commercial sound of the track captures the mood of a carefree summer day. The catchy rhythm and high, delicate vocals emphasize the uniqueness of the sound. Turn it up to enjoy the positivity and joy of this track!

Camilla Svane

"Them There Eyes"

The delicate sound of the keys blends with Camilla Svane's deep and powerful voice, allowing you to enjoy perfect jazz. The atmosphere of a romantic evening and a carefree day flows through the track, bringing serenity. An astonishing track that you'll want to replay for days on end.


"No One Knows Me Better"

Dance-pop in a modern rendition with an unusual structure makes BOWIE an innovator in the genre. The singer's voice immerses in reverberations, and the leisurely development invites you to enjoy the light synth sound. The perfect track for an unforgettable night.


And that concludes our selection, but the listening to these tracks will never end. Put the playlist on repeat and enjoy your best day. As for me, I'm off to discover new tracks that will amaze you, give you goosebumps, and put you in a good mood.

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