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Why Does FAKE PLASTIC'S New Album Defy Easy Labeling? Read Our Exclusive Review!

Imagine this: You turn on the radio or start streaming music, and suddenly - bam! There's a band that completely shatters all music stereotypes and templates. Raise your hands, those who are ready for a wild ride on the roller coaster of musical adrenaline! Friends, let's introduce you to the band Fake Plastic, which is so free from stylistic constraints that it feels like it burst out of the chamber of an exploding star supernova. Forget about genres and boundaries - here, absolute freedom of expression reigns. Till and Pete don't joke around! Their music is all about vibrant and loud guitars, a rhythm that pounds like a heartbeat at the speed of light, bass that brings you to the boiling point, and vocals that feel like a grand confession of adoration. That's what defines Fake Plastic! Fake Plastic's album is like a whirlwind, encompassing everything from grunge to experimentation, and if you try to slap labels on it, your brain will start to overheat. This is not just music, it's art that comes straight from the heart and touches your souls. So, daredevils, I invite you to embark on this sonic adventure with me and simply enjoy this album. It's like a ride on an amusement park, you don't know what's waiting for you around the next turn, but it's sure to be amazing! Fake Plastic - music of freedom and vivid emotions!

The album kicks off with the track "Stop Drinking." Till's vocals are somewhat rebellious, as if you were immediately thrust into the world of punk and grunge. But hold on tight, because the arrangement here is mind-blowing! Powerful instruments, riffs examined "under a microscope," and an execution that feels like a race for survival - it's so fast and charged that it's almost dangerous. In the track "How I Learned To Let Go," the guitar is absolutely on fire! It plays with you like a seductress, drawing you into an uncontrollable frenzy. The sound changes instantly, like a detonator switch. The rhythm is fast and infectious, as if nothing can stop it. This is art on the brink of chaos! Friends, this is true art that captivates you and doesn't release its grip until the very end. Fake Plastic has created a sound that will leave you in awe and make you move as if you're riding a wave of adrenaline. This is art without limits and boundaries!

After the drive and adrenaline, we encounter the track "I Shot The Living Zombie," and something incredible happens here. Till and Pete seem to immerse themselves in the world of protest rock, and suddenly, like magic, shift into an experimental direction. The guitars sway like the sea at night, and the vocals, reminiscent of classic rock ballads, create an almost sensual atmosphere. It's like a soundtrack to some incredible movie where all emotions and passions are intertwined. And at the next station, in the track "What Should I Be Scared Of?", the atmosphere changes once again. It's like diving into a rock ballad that fills every corner of space. Catchy vocals, perfect harmonies, and a melody that seeps into the soul emphasize the multifaceted and unique nature of the entire album "Fake Plastic."

The incredible musical palette that intertwines in the album Fake Plastic will leave you in a state of emotional ecstasy. This is music that lives and breathes! And of course, I can't overlook "Who Stole The Alphabet?". Those muted and seemingly distant guitars are simply extraordinary. It's as if the musicians took a drop of modern indie and pulled it into their musical world. The minimalist verses, occasionally punctuated by powerful textured sound, create an indescribable rhythmic sway, mood, and structure. It's like a journey through time through sound.

Moving on to the penultimate track, "Black Eyed Girl," where there's a subtle irony that touches upon the rock of the 2000s. Here, the music doesn't rush, it seems to flow at its own pace. But then the band changes the mood, styles, and sound again, demonstrating their boldness and unpredictability. And now, in the final track, "Lover You Are Down," the sound just explodes! Powerful and stylish guitars, vocals that grip your soul and make you move to the hooky elements - it's something incredible. This track feels like it's made for big stages where every note has the power to energize a crowd. It's a bright conclusion to the album that will stay with you for a long time.


Despite my wholehearted approval, it's worth remembering that Fake Plastic may not be suitable for every listener, especially those who aren't ready for more complex and intense musical experiences. However, of course, every album has its audience, and for some people, it can be a true discovery and a source of inspiration. Perhaps it's Fake Plastic that will awaken in you those feelings and emotions you've long forgotten. Each track of this album is like a chapter in a great story, culminating in a vivid and powerful finale. Fake Plastic has created something indescribably beautiful and unique. This is music that is memorable and stays with you for a long time. So, my verdict is that "Fake Plastic" is a must-listen for all rock music enthusiasts. This album will leave you thrilled and immerse you in the world of heavy sound that you'll remember for many years to come.

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