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YONATAN GUTFELD'S Piano Chronicles the Beauty of Autumn's Sorrow

In the twilight of 2022, musician Yonatan Gutfeld embarked on a journey with his upright piano, initiating daily improvisations. It was his attempt to capture the interplay of moods that slowly shifted during that autumn period. This musical ritual became a means for him to break free from excessive self-criticism and to view the world from a new, quieter, and more observant perspective. Some of his sonic experiments began to take on a more vibrant and structured form, smoothly flowing into the pages of this album titled "About Two Months." Sometimes, we all seek to express in music those feelings and moods that are difficult to convey in words. The pianist, being at the center of this musical process, serves as a bridge between our emotional states and the world. Music becomes a window into his soul, where emotions overflow in sounds and chords. "About Two Months" is essentially an auditory diary, reflecting two months of the pianist's life. In this music, you can hear not only melodies and harmonies but also his own experiences, moments of doubt, and melancholy. Perhaps it's in these moments that the music becomes truly sincere and penetrates to the depths of the listener's soul.

Listening to "About Two Months," I've realized one very important thing: in Yonatan Gutfeld's music, we can hear ourselves. After all, music born from observations of past days can be a source of solace for us in those moments when we ourselves feel melancholic and even a bit depressed. This music, like autumn, can remind us of the beauty and fragility of moments, that every day is unique, and even in the toughest times, one can find beauty in the sounds of the piano. With 10 instrumental tracks, Yonatan Gutfeld's gentle piano narrates what can only be felt by the soul. This album is stunning, and every person on the planet will interpret it differently, with their own emotions and feelings upon listening. I invite you to immerse yourself in this sometimes dreamy and sad, joyful and inspiring album, discovering new impressions and a new sound.

The first track, like the first chapter of a story, "Tuesday, October 11th," begins with the morning hustle and bustle of a bustling city. It's as if morning has arrived, and everyone is rushing somewhere, conversing, and the procession of life is pulling you in, all while the slow and soothing melody suggests that even amidst the chaos, there's time to find tranquility. I appreciate how the musician captures the movement and rhythms of urban life, as seen in tracks like "Tuesday, October 18th." The vibrant and dynamic rhythm, quick transitions of soft keys, and light strings seem to continue the theme of immersion in a world without pause and rapid haste. The melody of "Saturday, October 22nd" brings a sense of drama, sounding dark and cold, foreshadowing the approaching cold weather.

A light melancholy can be sensed in the track "Saturday, October 29th." Personally, I hear in this expansive sound the atmosphere of an evening, calm and peaceful, after a long day. It's as if I've found myself in a dimly lit room, and all around me is serenity, helping to clear my thoughts and savor the moment. Then, the track "Saturday, October 29th" serves as a perfect transition, either into another month or perhaps into another stage of life. Our journey moves into the next month, November, with a gentle synth beat in the embrace of perfect piano improvisation. It's as if this track brings a sense of cold and pre-dawn mist, which touches the fingertips. And of course, "Sunday, November 27th," which is perhaps the most sensual track on the album, almost sounding like the credits music and serving as the soundtrack to some emotional drama. It gives you goosebumps.

The album concludes with the tracks "For Lydia" and "Saturday, January 28th." The tender dedication of "For Lydia" is filled with passionate rhythms and soothing keyboard melodies. The tenderness and complete immersion in the sound captivate at this moment, only to be replaced by a reminder of the fleeting nature of time in the track "Saturday, January 28th." In the final track, the musician's thoughts and emotions are all gathered and conveyed to us through his piano, infusing a touch of jazz into the mix. The deep bass, the slow flow of the music, and the memorable melody completely mesmerize and leave you with a sense of peace and joy from the music. It's truly a stunning and emotionally musical experience!

"About Two Months" sounds like a winter wind, piercing the heart with cold and melancholy. Yonatan Gutfeld skillfully extracts the subtle and bitter moments from the notes, like tears trickling from the leaves on a rainy autumn day. His music seems to reflect the inner storms that everyone experiences but rarely shares with others.


This album at times feels like it corners you, forcing you to contemplate life and its unpredictability. It compels you to recall those moments when you felt alone under the autumn leaves and experience that sadness and melancholy once again. Yonatan Gutfeld is a true artist. His piano sounds like a melancholic sigh of the soul on a cold November evening. And the album "About Two Months" is like a revelation of sorrow and irretrievable moments that pierce the heart, much like the cold autumn wind. Undoubtedly, his talent as a composer and pianist leaves me in awe, and I would consider the album as one of the top contenders for the Album of the Year category according to Indie Boulevard. For those who love piano music, Yonatan Gutfeld is a must-listen.

Cover photo by Regina Betancourt

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