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'You Are The Moon' by Brian Jin is a portion of pure pleasure of psychedelic collection with elements of pop-rock, Americana and pure arthouse. Fused into one piece of music, the band intriguingly drawn into the abyss of guitar modulations and hypnotic vocals.

I am always quite perceptive when it comes to any kind of art, be it music, film, dance or visual art. That's why I always pass art through my soul and 'You Are The Moon' causes me a real hurricane of feelings, thoughts and experiences. The new album from Brian Jin is shock and charm at the same time, it is a waltz between the shadows and the awakening at dawn, the dark side of the moon and its visible, familiar side. There is nothing more impermanent than the album 'You Are The Moon.' I can hear the thoughts, voices and opinions of each member of the band in 'You Are The Moon.' It is always a pleasure for me to listen to whole albums that are ready to absorb the soul of the musicians in each composition.

The opening track 'Tooth & Claw' encourages you to buckle up before a long walk. It's like a live demo. The drums are muffled and dirty, vocals and backing vocals break daringly through the arrangement. In 'Understand,' however, the musicians return to a clean, controlled sound that puts the dreamy and swaying guitar front and center. Guitars in all their sonic manifestations occupy an important place in Brian Jin's music. It seems that this instrument has the task of setting the mood and tone of the song, and drums and vocals support it. The track '(Together) We Own The Sky' changes pitch in a flash and swerves towards an acoustic ballad.

Almost every song on the album is an extremely valuable work of art with a profound message. From the second part of 'You Are The Moon' on, I was immersed in a real psychedelic state, because it was simply impossible to predict in which direction the album would go. In the very next track 'Weigh Down These Branches,' the band dives into the depths of acoustic alt-folk music. Bells, light percussion, tantalizing guitars make their way through the haze of folk motifs. The atmosphere gradually heats up, so that at the moment of climax the sound is completely switched off and the listener becomes one with the voices of the musicians. The musicians seize the moment so cleanly and subtly that I must admit I had the impression of falling off a cliff and being in free fall.

From that moment on, the pieces take on a retro tone and the musicians are no longer afraid to experiment. The drums gain momentum, the percussion is demanding, and the bass guitar fills the room with thick vibrations. The track 'Looking Glass' is my absolute favorite on the album. Melody with acoustic, folk, and indie rock elements merge into a whole new genre when the track breaks off in the middle and goes into a pure psychedelic vortex. The fall into the abyss becomes a real kaleidoscope of events, and the musicians steer the music in the right direction, where redemption awaits the listener. 'Looking Glass' is a track that should reset the mind of the listener, creating an atmosphere of dark fantasy and horror.

After a terrible shock, the musicians further increase the atmosphere in the track 'Maiden Name.' The sonorous pulse of the track beats in time with the heart, and the vocals with backing substrate pull you in and make you feel new emotions. Many synthetic sounds and acoustic instruments merge into one acoustic canvas with psychedelic elements.

In general, this album is one of the most controversial I had to review. How boldly one can address the topics of morality and philosophy. Even the name is catchy and arouses interest, the meaning of which can be interpreted in different ways. This conveys exactly the proportion of the idea of the album, be it the theme of betrayal, loneliness, indifference, charity. 'You Are The Moon' is an album that evokes many different emotions in the listener. It is bright, colorful, heavy, sometimes incomprehensible and undoubtedly deserves attention for its originality.

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